All the world’s a stage Chapter-1-Never be the same

One morning , like the bliss of the omnipotent over the curtains in white , one peak into the window like a loved one looks in hesitant , one slow turning around to the better side of the bed and a big stretch to put it all in the effort for a rise and shine situation. There’s no alarm , just the constant chirping of the sparrows , just by the side of the window and the constant beat of the wind , gentle but noticeable. She puts of the blanket looks for something she’s supposed to near the door , moves to the window and in a sudden but slow release let’s the window open to all kinds of news it has to bring with itself , by singing through the wind-chime. Isn’t that how every perfect morning in every perfect story should be . Or not ! What is more merrier to a dancer on a stage , a standing ovation or a heart that understands the red beneath her heals. What brings an artist in the crowd more satisfaction , a masterpiece or a someone to understand the story behind it . What if there is none . Well that ain’t a good picture , that ain’t a masterpiece. But what if every picture did have a story . Could every picture be a masterpiece. What if every stage was not just a stage , what if it was more , what if it was something real. What if instead of the world being a stage , a stage became the world …..

Just as she could sign off the last piece of text on a green robed diary a screaming call comes from the floor beneath.

“Mrinal , breakfast ….”

Hearing distinct chatters and clicks of the door Mrinal turns over to the clock she dumped in the lower drawer.

“Shit , 7:30 “; she murmured to herself.

Packing her bag she packs up a couple of things , alongside some stationary , the green diary ,a pink file ..

“It’s late already , your uncle’s downstairs , he has work too , why didn’t you pack before.” , Her mom says entering the door .

“I didn’t see the time”, she replied in a low voice.

“Don’t you have a clock on the table ” , her mom asks , swinging her fingers by her daughter’s ears.

“It’s disturbing , i don’t like the sound of it” she murmures again.

Laughing at the innocence of her daughter she and Mrinal walk down the stairs closing the door behind them.

“Ahh if it isn’t the champion of the day” scream an middle aged man with silverlocks swinging along the little strands of black as if shadows of the silver.

“If i were a champion , i wouldn’t have chosen arts” , she replies with a smile and a big hug “I would have been a doctor or an Engineer instead”.

” Ahhhhh ! Those dorks , all they do is make something, break something , and then do all the yoddly stuff . Champions are those who do what they feel like , isn’t that right Shobha”

“Absolutely ” says smiling , her mother.

“Well i guess we are all good to go for the first day , aren’t we”

Mrinal nods and both of them walk out the door , and to the car

“So Mrinal what have you been writing?” Her uncle breaks the silence while driving.

“Nothing much just a little here and there ”

“You know what , I think you should write about places , things that help you get out , travel”

” I don’t like writing down places”

” Why so”

“Places aren’t meant to be written down . They change the change with time , lands to forrest , and forrest to barns , barns to villages , villages to towns , then Barren lands , then forest again. Places never be the same. Pictures are what capture the still in a moving frame , writing is what moves the monotony” she says looking out the window at the passing tress in a whizz.

“Well all that leaves are people , and people change there is no arguing that”

“On the contrary , I believe people never change”

“How so” , asks her uncle smirking

“Well they are all the same wherever you go , all doing the same thing that they were doing yesterday , and then one day they die and their sons and daughters do the same thing ”

“Well I see your point , but I would rather love to read about it” says her uncle as he parks in the campus’s parking lot . “Alright we’re here , do well and best of luck”

“Sure she answers , as she closes the door”

Walking into a new journey in new shoes , in a new zest was more or less a feeling she had expected , but crowd was the bigger deal . Not everyone enjoys being one in many , sometimes it’s the silence of isolation that brings people a sense of living.

She walks through the main gate in the crowd to reach the reception.

“Hi , I am here for the arts program , today is my first day”she speaks to the counter

“Hello there , can I see your files” , answers the receptionist.

“Sure” , Swiftly answers Mrinal with a smile as she digs into hr bad for the pink file . However to her amaze , there was nothing pink in that bag. It is only in minutes does she realises that she dropped it off the bag whilst packing.

“No no no no no ..”

“Is there a problem mam” asks receptionist.

“I will be back in a minute”, she replies.

“Well you better hurry ,the window closes in 25 minutes”

She runs out of the door to a corner , breathing heavily , with her face all sweat she dials up her mobile

“Hello maa , i i…

“What happened Mrinal?”

“I forgot the files in my room and it’s the first day and the window closes in 25 minutes i don’t know what to do”

“Calm down ….just take a deep breath , i will get to it” , and the sound of the line being cut as if dreads her like everything been torn apart.

Last year hasn’t been well for her . It was with great effort was she able to find this place , and she was scared to loose it. Waiting for someone or something to happen she kept tapping her feet , hearing to every little vibration or sound that surrounds her.

Suddenly a voice creaks at her back ,

“Hey Mrinal , I got your files , screams her uncle in distance”

She runs to him to grab the one thing she was afraid to loose but as she turns back to the rush , there is a red streak she missed that swings around her and into the bushes .

“Ah , hey watch it” screams the black haired tall one holding one of his elbow up in the air with his bicycle flung on top of him.

Little did time she had for it , little did she care for it , rather she runs , as the window for her is about to be closed.

“Here , I got it”

“Well let’s see what you have here” replies receptionist.

Taking a deep sigh of relief she as if heard something approaching.

“What happened , seriously..?”

“Nothing just some crazy one got in the way out of nowhere ”

“Did you see him”

“No I blacked out , but I think it was a she”

“Yeah well you should go get that wound looked”

Standing as still as she could be Mrinal listened to the two guys at her back, maybe she got away with one trouble , but I guess the play just started.

***********To be continued*************

Silence of the dumb by Swastik Srivastava (featured newbie)

It has been quite a while since I posted , majorly due to exam stress.

“Life’s too short to do what you love” , a statement very few take into the liking of its true meaning. The majority believes that it is one reason to spend every second of your life with the likings of your heart, however the other few still find it one way to avoid the carefree life and hustle like no one else . Here’s a piece from a newbie writer I found whilst hustling myself. A masterpiece by ‘Swastik Srivastava’ I believe . Do give your feedback down below , with your name or anonymously. Happy Reading!

Yet the last night was quite bad,
Because of hectic talk between mum and dad.
The future of mine has to be decided,
This is the matter which has to be recited.

Cozy days at the home,
Don’t know next day to be alone,
Loneliness in my mind,
She was the only one by my side.

She knows reality of her son,
But he was the only for her mum,
Silence – silence all around,
No one heard the interior sound.

-by Swastik Srivastava

A roof that hung too low (Oneshot)

There’s only so much noise in the hush and rush of this universe a person can tolerate , but there’s always someone you want to keep listening to . Someone you want to keep watching no matter eyes closed or open , there’s always this one person that glimmers in the eyes of a man.

“Towel” , “it’s bitting cold in here someone give me my towel”, screamed at the pitch of his voice that was still too young to be called the man of the family , but can one argue with the only male member of the house , never!

“When will you learn to take your towel with you when you shower , its not like anyoneearns these manners inborn , you need to be more careful now , you are 11 now Arush , when will you learn”, kept going with the flow , her mother , a middle aged housewife from a cultured Brahmin family.

“That’s not my towel , this one’s green , mine was blue” , replied the son.

“Well then I don’t care , help yourself . Kids at your age do all their works themselves . They don’t depend on their parents for daily chores , why do you need so much pampering?” and went rushing to the verandah with a broom in her hand.

With a sunken ribcage and backflipped hairs the boy peeked out from the shower to seek any human assistance .

“Here you go , I found this on the other side of the back door , why the hell would you throw it on the other side of the door”.- asked her an year younger sister all disgusted by the towel’s stink .

The back door’s windy , it will blow the germs away . Its physics sister , you are too young for that ” , answered the brother with a wink and a crooked smile.

The Shukla family consisted of four extraordinary creatures all uniquely common and commonly unique. The father Mukesh was a full time acountant in a goverment bank . According to the village folks , he was the brightest of all the 8 siblings in the village , however because of getting his hairs cut on a Thursday once , all the illness fell upon his family. His parents passed away , his lands were ceased under the law and he missed the job in the civils. But no wonder did he had his charms when he was young. The legend also says , he rejected 50 proposals to finally find his life partner. Well the fifty were his rejections or his Shani’s is still a mystery. His wife Mrs. Shanti Dubey was actually once true by her name . According to her father she was named so because she never screamed as she was born , however he also agrees to the fact that she compensated later. Now the two kids, that you’ve already met ,are the speciality of the house. Sunken in the lifestyle of the urban middleclass democracy , no matter how harsh the weather has been on their roof , they’ve always been together under it.

The night fell low with a dusty brease and the city lights kept shimmering in the gloomy dark. The father was home and the kids knew as they rushed to the door to jump up and open the locks , but yet they are not so tall yet. Maybe it was the idea of the architect of those economic settlements to keep the door locks on the top , so to keep the children harms away from the hands of the despair and the suffering this world has to offer. The wife rushed to the door , with her hands messed in dough. The man enters in the house only to see his kids getting hung around his waists , with his shirt covered in the sweat of the hardships , but he doesn’t stop them , for the hardships are gone and the sweat is only what he has earned today.

“So you all went to school today?”

“Yes , yes we did , We even got our results on the unit tests”, screams Aawantika.

“Well what did you get?”

” I got an A+” rejoiced the daughter jumping up in glee. However what was more satarical between the unrequired ‘A’ in her name or the unappreciated ‘A’ in her reportcard ,one can only wonder.

“And ehat about you Mr incharge of the house” the father turned to Arush.

“Mine isn’t that good . I mean its good but not so good , its ok” said the kid with his head down.

“Well you need to focus on your studies , they are important , you don’t know how hard it is if you are not good with your studies . There are millions waiting in a line just like you , maybe one day you will become someone important , but for that you must work hard now. ” And the fagher ended on a harsh node. He would have went far but neither did he had any energy to do so , nor did the world had anything to drive him into it.

The dinner was ready the plates were set. Unlike the usuals today’s menu was special. Today we had Rajma on the table , in a not so familiar container.

“This isn’t our cutlery !” , exclaimed the father , “Who’s is it , he asks”

“Mrs. Chawan , the one that lives on the 5th floor besides the broken railing , she and I have made good friends , so she sent some Rajma as she cooked the dinner today ” replied the wife.

“Well you must not send an empty one back. Send something nice. Send them your special malpuwa . She will appreciate it. And also tell her that we really enjoyed the rajma ” exclaimed the father.

No matter how worse gets the condition of the middle class , they never would loose their dignity in the society be it offering or suffering.

The dinner was done and the clock hit 10. The mother had to do the dishes. The father was all tired to his toes from the work , but the kids wanted to take a walk. The father cannot reject. They went outside and by the moonlight their danced a pair of legs of a toddler , while the other just kept dragging. In their way , they find Mr. Sharma another worker in the service of the queen of urban poverty.

“I have heard you’ve got a promotion, well how is it working with the execu….”

“They are well , but I don’t see how they deserve to reach their position , i still believe people as such must be ….”

And suddenly the atrocities of this crooked world dissapeared in the sharing of pain by each other’s personal opinions of other’s opinions.It is still questionable on why are women blamed on gossiping , when the most opinionated conversations take place between too men in the service of their bellies.

Finally after half an hour of pulling , screaming and dancing by the toddlers on their father’s legs he parted his ways from their visitor.

Suddenly in their way they find a general store open at 10. The kids as usual started craving with their might. Unfortunately for their father , they had their right to this time.

Now if a kid ever dreams about heaven , it would never be about sn utopia , but about a general store. Its not what that matters , but how it’s kept , for all i know every kid once in a life dreams of owning a general store , not just for the candies and junks , but for the colours , that are brightest in those four by four shops.

“I want the red one , No the green one , no the one that has a toy free with it”

And suddenly the father realizes the shopkeeper’s master plan. But he had no choice. Knowing he will have to walk another mile without any rickshaw , he bought the candy for an extra penny , just to live by his children’s smiling faces.

The kids went all happy and rolling to the house. The daughter however found a better sleeping bed on her father’s shoulders , with her cheeks hung all the way down and the ribbon on her hair all the way up.

The father enters the house slowly to see his wife having her meal while watching the late night soap opera repeat . The father puts the kids to sleep and walks in the room outside , helping his wife with the dishes.

“The budget is pretty tight this month too?” , asks the wife.

“Hmmmmm”, answers in a humming voice ,the father .

“The kid’s fees is due!” ,She adds.

“Well then I will take the overtime I guess.”

“But you already stress it too much.”

“Its nothing . If I can get these kids into a world where the roof doesn’t hangs so low , it’ll be worth it.”

****************The End*****************

The Truth Of Death

Amongst the many evils of nights’

Sinful moons and despicable sights

The crying willow the raging billow

The weeping sorrow , the trotting knights.

I sit besides the peeping window

Soothing my soul with a blissful endow

I hear the crackle, and then a threatening hiss

I felt the chill up my spine, slow but thorough.

Could it be the predator of night

Or just some pussy overestimating his might.

Whatever it was i wished not to inspect

Held on to my chair , in my imaginative fright.

I wondered if it were some nocturnal beast

Feeding off the dead , the living be his feast

I wondered if it were some burglar or theif

That would be worse , for him atleast

With the passing time I counted my days

Thought of an epitaph , and obituary essays

I prayed to the lord a hundred times for the last time

I might have seen the norse gods riding their chaise.

With the pace of time the dark withered

And the morrow spread all bright

I stood up , moved out to see the the most dreadful sight

In the midst of daisy , roses and tulips laid a shivering pup

Showed no movement , no sighs , no effort to get up

Sighing to myself , I wondered if I did move out

Would have saved his life ,he would’ve thanked too no doubt

Of all the demons I was frightened off in my hard and fast breath

It was no simple being, no beast ,but the undeniable truth of DEATH.

The Emotional Expression (1 of 2)(an excerpt from Half Past Destiny)

It is really great to have dreams . Because dreams are what we can say gateways to a real life , somewhere you can spend a moment or two in peace and be of some value , because when it comes to reality , things get Pretty messed up. You can take my life as an example. Never have I ever thought that I would be walking up the top of my school at 4 in the morning , just because someone can’t give a shit . Along all the journey I kept wondering , why does he even need water , I mean there was a drainage canal right by the side of hostel . He can even have a swim in the return journey. And then suddenly budha started speaking.
“Dude , I studied all night you know . I mean this hostel plan really rocks , I finished all the assignments , but there is only one problem dude , I don’t feel sleepy”, said the wise and the one and only Anamay Srivastava.
Only if I hadn’t stopped myself that day against the urge to just push him off the rooftop , there’d be one issue less today( of him feeling sleepy , if Anamay is reading this).
Finally , after my constant vote for no confidence and its complete ignorance to go to the roof with no boundaries , we were there , and now all that lay infront of us , was an above 60 old dude , fully wrapped up in his shawl , which the geniuses besides me suspected , to be possibly , accountable , for probably , being able to know the fact that maybe if water went south how to get it up running again. The solution was simple , Anamay was tall , Shivam was strong , one lifted me up and the other pushed me forward to do the most dangerous task in the history of time.
My condition at that point was no less than a 6 year old who had a stick in his hand and had to get rid of a worm in his way , except that here the worm if gets angry could kill me and the stick was my hand , that I didn’t wanna loose. After 5-7 failed attempts to jump , run , and escape and try , I finally triggered the kumbhkarna and ran for my life. Interestingly , the guy didn’t say a word . Even though we did tell him our problem , that I don’t know he understood or not , but he sure didn’t respond to it. Anyway we moved on and just when I took the few steps , I turned around to give it another try but to my horror the guy disappeared. Suddenly the 2 minute wild comedy show turned into a horror thriller. What happened thereafter. And where did he go is still a mystery but to our surprize the water was back , so I didn’t think much about it.
Now it was 5 the dawn broke and the warden started thrashing every single guy in the room to wake up , by 1st step waking Saket up gently , and 2nd step smacking every other ass in the room good morning.
Now this part of my story is more drama than I imagined it would be , and as always I was the bad guy in it , and so I call it BEING A JERK
The day used to begin for every other person in the usual way , however for Ayush Pandey and Utkarsh Sahni , it was quite different they slept @ 9-10 pm and woke up @ whenever they wanted. However that wasn’t clear with most people . As usual the warden came thrashing into the room , snatched off their sheets and while they kept mumming about their beauty sleep , our Ajay Devgan and Karishma Kapoor were kicked into the washroom . Now the brushing routine was simple . Two guys would stand at the end of the open corridor , starring the other side of the drainage , looking at people carry on their DAILY ROUTINE with a MUG in their hand , talk a few things about their lives , discuss a thing or two about how pissed Newton would have been on Leibnitz , say the usual “teri life toh set hai “ and make space for other party. The bathing was pretty simply, you have a 4×4 space to do your business while others have the full opportunity to stare at you from the top and keep singing to keep you entertained. There were times when you would shower yourself with 3 mugs of water and suddenly you get a fourth from the neighbourhood free . But the most tricky part was after that , now you to move , from the 4×4 cabinet that they called washroom( I highly doubt it) to the room , in a towel , that could be stripped off anywhere in the middle by a mischief famous as or more accurately infamous as Harsh Mishra. Harsh Mishra like the devil he was had a very alarming and unique laughter . His laugh was somewhere between Chunky Pandey to Mogambo Khush Hua. And to my surprise he wore only one t-shirt all the time that had a Lion with a board alongside saying ‘pure non-veg ‘. For someone as skinny and loose as hobbit it was funny to see him laugh while he swings away towels and screams ‘precious’ . Finally after a full length discussion and signing of the pact that no one shall pullover each others towel we settled it up. Now the most interesting thing about Anamay is his unexpected response and unrequired description of his possessions. While he kept folding his blanket , the folka dots triggered an unusual chemical activity in my brain , and out of nowhere I exclaimed “ Doesn’t that look like a petticoat “ , yeah I know mean and boooo , but there was nothing I could do about it now , the deed was done and suddenly the whole room went crazy and being a creature of habits he was he responded “ Oh shit !” , he could have said no , he could have said that’s nonsense , but no , why would he do so , he’s Anamay , even if he is gonna rob a bank he won’t leave without telling the camera that it was the very circumstances that led him to do so. And no one stopped laughing that day.
Finally the time came for breakfast and this is the part I call BEING HIGH .Never did I ever thought I could get high on something as simple as milk , I mean its milk , how bad could it be! And then god said to me “Challenge accepted” That glass of milk , I swear was something I think I will never forget in my life. I do remember Ayush walking to the basin to let it out and coming back like he just got back from a graveyard.
Now the assemblies are far more interesting here than anywhere else . The assembly ground was like the answer to the question that what is the capital of mizoram. “It exists , I just don’t know where “. The assembly use to start with a stretching competition they called prayer and ended with principal mam’s “Those who haven’t submitted the fees shall not to permitted to enter school premises” . I believe that would be pretty much conclusion of her farewell speech. It also had some occasional news regarding bombing , genocide and suicide and stuff , and that was actually fun. But anyway we did have a blast enjoying all of it while we bunmed it in hostel . The class started with SM sir’s lecture and that was all that I remember because that was the time the milk started showing its real magic. While the preacher kept teaching Integration , we went to the search of an even bigger source of knowledge ‘ SLEEP’ . Finally Ayush Pandey nearly crushed my pinky toe and smashed my head in the desk to wake me up. Now for all I knew about this Ayush was that he was very different than the other Ayush. This guy when went to a bloodtest had IIT+ on his reports. He had two cousins , twins , both IITianns . Ayush Pandey always had tons to talk about like how he had an artificial eye , how he loved killing people in video games , and how much he loved kashmir , such a peaceful person. Ayush Shukla on the other hand had only one subject ‘HIS COWW’ . Now the combination of his cow , a bhujpuri remix and his wine glass in which he use to drink water was all that he was , simple unique and desi. And the most interesting times were when these two creatures took interest in the melodramatic tale of our personal devdas censored . Now what actually happened with him or what actually does is a mystery but this is how it always went-
Censored-“Dude I feel lonely , it’s like the laws of physics defy my existence in this world with someone I was destined to be with.
Ayush Pandey-“I am telling you its all Modi’s fault.
Ayudh Shukla-“Chup saaaaale pta nahi ka brbraate rehte ho , humko toh apni gayiyaa ki yaad aa rahi hai , pta nahi kaisi hogi hmari gayiyaa hmare bina”
And then suddenly Neelakshi would start laughing looking at Anvesha despately so that dhe can accompany her , unfortunately no one did , except the Maharana Pratap , I mean Priyasha Pratap . What other choice did she had. If she laughs Anvesha despised her , if she didn’t Neelakshi probably would have killed her . She choose to be despised than to be dead. But then again then again the “MOST” important girl would jump in to the rescue and laugh out so loud that everyone would start starring .
Finally the school gets over and I rushed to Yasharth for the extra blanket I forgot . But Yasharth as usual had tale to talk about-
“Dude today was terrible”
“Why” , I asked
“I kind of made fun of myself , leave it…” he said as if he didn’t want to continue .
“Okk if you insist on so much …” he went on anyway “ I was JA sir’s class and Yashi snd Jyoti and Kriti were sitting at the first seat”
“Wait who’s Kriti?”
“The one who was in the anchoring and stuff”
“I thought that was Smriti”
“No Aditi was the one in specs”
“Oh I thought that was Disha”
“Ok it’s fun to watch when you do it with others , not so fun when you do it with me”
“Please sir continue”
He kept saying something and something and Madhvendra and got furious and hugged me and something something and all I did was ‘hmm’ , ‘ acha ‘, ‘theek hai’ .
The later was a long journey and as usual full of stuff and non of which was Me to be blamed for.

The Water Crisis ( an excerpt from half past destiny)

When you look at the world , like Columbus once did , you would realise that this world is good to be both land and water , for only if it weren’t divided , there would’ve been no journey for the quest of the unknown . I really would love to have his opinion on my life , not that I value his advice or anything , but I would surely love to see him struggle with the ifs and buts , and talking about butts this part of my life is what I like to call ‘BEING IDIOT’ .
The day was Sunday and the year was 2017 , and that’s pretty much marks the level upto which I can deal with dates. The morning blushed with all its glamour , like it was sitting on a couch with a popcorn bucket and watching my day like some soap opera (it was).
I already have spent the last half an hour ringing on Polly’s cell and it seemed as if even BSNL was now curious whether this guy exists or not , however I , after a few minutes got a call back and as usual I got crazy.
“Sir this is Shivansh Mishra of AoC A Atmadeep Vidyalaya , Siktaur Chauraha , Gorakhpur , Affiliated to Delhi CBSE ,( I highly doubt that) .”, and through all of that I went in a single breathe.
“Sorry who is it?” , he replied.
“I am the one in the hostel program”
“ Oh , ohhhhhhhh! I am sorry I thought you were the dumb little freak who had a moustache like crazy or something”
“Yeah that’s me!”
“Never mind , how can I help you?”
“I was wondering if I could you , know
“Well I thought if I could move into the hostel like today , cause you know I have already packed my stuff and got a cab booked for today , so can I?” , I asked him with me all dressed up , with a bunch of books I called luggage , looking at my folks so eagerly as if I was about to leave for college or something.
“welllllllll , you know what , you should move in today , I mean the sooner the merrier “.
My life is a lot of boring conversations and a lot of interesting people but moreover what it was , was a mere test of patience.
I waited for around 45 minutes making fun of a lot of other people (yes you too) with the two best buddies , one of whom just kept humming and the other never stopped laughing.
Finally my ride came to the doorstep , and by ride I mean an autoriksha that was 1/4th the size of a 5 seater and yet can beat a buss in capacity. That’s where I learner the 101 of autoriksha on my life. Never ever call a riksha on time . Finally I somehow accomodated the 5 big cases of books with more than 5 thousand pages and texts and all they tried to say was ‘Shivansh , you are never gonna make it out alive “. But when the hell did I ever made any decision of my journey thinking wisely . I somehow adjusted myself in the 4×4 space with one butt hanging out in the wild and one butt supporting the laws of Farraday and Newton. While Yasarth and Anurag went waiving up in the breeze like the welcoming party.
After a few bounces , a near to death experience and a fare and square experience of how Cinderella must have felt in a pumpkin horse cart , I finally reached my destination to see that the rooms were full. As usual I took a step forward to discuss the terms with the high command ( or atleast they thought they were) .
“Sir , can there be a room made available for me?”
“Sir I came from a long distance”
“ Sir I can accommodate anywhere , even on the floor “
And then the real high command came forward . Anurag took his shades off , looked at Rohit sir with the depth Gestapo looked at Jews, and within a minute of gazing , now we had his attention. Yes that’s baba power.
After a few taunts and jokes , ( not at all funny) Shivang came in to rescue too and asked to share bed with me and so did a bunch of other guys , so now I had my friends backing me up , and guess what Rohit sir said.
Anyway , it took a whole lot of time to convince him finally and after Shivang fell of lifting one cartage and after a few other jokes of me bringing an ro purifier with me cause one box looked like it( also not funny) I finally got into the room.
Now , it is matter of fact that one can be stupid and a jerk about it at the same time , but yet , here I was. But when I look around me , I just couldn’t help the thought that one man who was not only our mentor , but a really great genius , seriously thought that a bunch of studious fellas (subtle way to say nerds) , if brought together in one room , to live WITH each other , they would HELP each other out through the JOURNEY ( a subtle word again for suffering).
Anyway I stumbled my way into the room that had these parents everywhere telling there children to study well, eat on time , and don’t get distracted. The only guardians that I had were for now busy doing namaste to each and every parent telling that they were my gaurdian who had persevered through a lot to get me here , and by that statement Anurag and Yasarth went touring the hostel leaving the whole room in a pool of giggles and me in a hue of confusion.
Finally after I had introduced myself to every single parent , including the FATHERS what I believe were god’s way of saying screw you , I went out looking for my “GUARDIANS” to call home , and suddenly I found Anurag coming out of the kitchen telling someone , “aaj paaneer bnega , aur acha banana theek! “ .
With Yasarth following it “haan Haan acha banana , baba ka order hai”.
Finally the parents moved out and we had our supper , and this is that part of my story I call “being pandit”.
It is a very pious thing , what pandits in our society do , they are these super Pavitra personalities that don’t get reservation .
Since the later is truly evident from the unemployment in our society , we only have to spend our days proving the former and to do that we try to be veg. To some veg would mean veg on Tue , thurs and sat . To me however it was life of pi. You have to be veg untill the end of your days or until you find yourself in a boat with a tiger on it. But you can’t help it when the food comes in disguise.
Anyway , while others kept complaining about the food specially the daal and rice , I kept munching on it . Well it’s my basic response to any excited situation , I eat. Saket was the one who kept humming the most . He went from the daal is all water to the daal looks like lentils got diarrhoea and from rice has bugs to the rice is anti nationalist. Even though not many laughed on his jokes , I enjoyed them , because at the end of the day he was someone with the same level of humour as me ( no he wasn’t). I was all good with food untill Deepanshu took the long shot to bring out an unidentified flying object from the rice. My heart stopped for a while . I started hallucinating all the 33 crore god’s infront of my eyes and suddenly one of them slapped me out of it to tell me , “khaane pe concentrate Karen”.
Finally we went back to our rooms where we had to change our clothes like real men do. In the open. Everyone else was fine with it , I mean everyone should be , however Saket was little more than just shy. We all did change as soon as we can to get onto the 3 page physics assignment that was due tomorrow , Saket kept struggling with the pajjamas . Apparently he wanted to drop down what he was wearing and hold on to what he wanted to wear both at the same time. It could have been easy if he had wings. However he didn’t. Finally his perseverance was successful and he fell of on the ground face down. As is said time and Tide wait for none , just when he went down did the warden rushed in and with a tendering voice he said “Saket you can come to my room to sleep if you want”
, Saket being everything but rude gave a polite answer halfway into a payjama ,” yes sir”.
And that’s till date the most Romantic Documentary I ever watched. The unconditional love of a warden for a half naked teen , just brings tests to my eyes everytime I think of it and that is pretty much what I think everytime I see him.
Anyway after around half an hour of laughing our bellies out and describing the Saket and the one night stand theory we went back to the assignment. Every 15 minutes one of us would scream to the pitch of his voice that we won’t sleep. Apparently after every 15 minutes one of us did sleep . Utkarsh , Adarsh , Utkarsh(the one with no beard) , Ayush , Deepak all went to sleep gradually , however Shivam , Anamay and yours truly were trying to prove it at our might that we can do it. Finally we finished the stuff and as soon as I went looking for sleep I realised , there’s no bed. To my horror , it was 2 in the morning , and it felt like there is someone looking at me by the window , whilst a bunch of moths kept tapping on the windowpane. Suddenly Anamay stood up and said , you can have my bed . No matter how hurried and expensive his creation was by god , he did a had a golden heart . And then he added “ only for a while till I come from the washroom” . And then I realised , even gold is expensive and he was Anamay so. Anyway being the general category I am , I enjoyed whatever piece of happiness life threw at me . I sniffled myself up in the blanket only to realise I didn’t had my pillow. So I went for its hunt , and guess who was it with “Saket Srivastava” . It is interesting how one Srivastava offers me something and one takes away , sometimes I think that there are more Srivastava in my life than there are actual people and that’s not just friends or family or strangers( stop smiling you know it’s you J ) I believe even the almighty is one big Srivastava , enjoying watching me from the top of all the mess.
So anyway , I snatched it out puffed it up and then finally went to the dreamland I was born in. That was the longest dream I ever had . I dreamer of life of pi , I dreamer of matrix , I even dreamer of some Banyan tree or something , like out of nowhere , and suddenly I started drowning in water and just as I was drowning , someone snatched my sheet down and screamed me to consciousness . I fell to the ground and rose up in total battle mode only to realise it’s Shivam all pumped up about something .
“What on the Earth now?” , I screamed like a zombie.
“There’s no water “ he said
“So?”, I asked
“I need to poop” he said
I looked at my watch , I looked at him , then I looked at him and holding it all in whispered like a victim says “maine tumhara kya bigada hai in savdhaan India”
“It’s 4 in the morning”
“and you wanna poop”
“Are you sure?”
“You bet I am”
I wanted to scream out loud but then again , I knew how it felt.
Plus even if he wanted to poop on my head and allow me to sleep then I would let him , I was that desperate.

***************To be Continued***************

For all the schoolmates watching this excerpt is farewell special , so if you think there was some story of you that I should write or if you want to be a part of one then please do tell me by either in the comments or by Instagram or even WhatsApp , I will be adding a couple of more excerpts I have from Half Past Destiny , so do hurry . And if you liked it do share.

The Banyan-Story-2-Chapter-3-“Joke’s on you dude”

“How’s the coffee?”, asked the lady in her mid 40s with a very vague outlook and no accessories at all. Frankly speaking , I wasn’t use to watching women without apparels. Even on the warmest days when sun was all nuked up , mum still kept clinged on to her ivory beads and all the other stuff , she said it makes your belief , your conviction. That is her only superstition I believed in.

“It’s good”, I replied.

“Well you don’t have to be modest , I got it from the Casper’s Café.”, Dr. Fitz said .

“I don’t really think I should be allowed to drink any coffee in anxiety and stuff”, I said.

“Why , do you think it’s anxiety that you feel?”

“I thought you would tell me.”

“I don’t know Chris , I am all on blinds here , and you seem to be doing fine !”

“Yeah , I am , I think I am fine”

” So, you wanna talk about what happened last night?”

“Well it wasn’t anything new and I believe that’s where it gets quite worrying. ”

“You saw the road again?”

“The same one. There was a bright sun , all green and some dried meadow , a curve along the coutryside . It felt like a soothing sunday but looked like a burning monday, and then suddenly everything felt so big and overpowering and as if the night crawled in , and , and….”.

“And you screamed and then stopped breathing. ”

“I didn’t wake up”

“This is the third time now Chris and its ok to be afraid . But you are taking too much of it on yourself alone. The only reason why you are having these fits is because you are hiding something or some part of you that wants to show itself. You can bottle up thoughts not personalities . It’s ok to be afraid , but it’s not to be afraid of fear itself . Did you take the prescription?”


“Make it regular. And try blending in”

“I do have friends and probably a really big bunch of people around me”

“It doesn’t matter if none of those can get through you. ” and by those last words another one of the mondays saw the worst of its days.


As i grabbed my bag and wisped out of doc’s office I had this strange feeling in my gut about something . Something that usually is not a part of me . The thoughts took a shake and after a few minutes of wriggling and hopping up and down , my mind brain finally fixiated itself to a picture of last night’s. I was walking back through the streets and in the dark , wondering what if there was no light afterall , would we ever try to make any? And a couple of other humanitarian and scientific philosophies before I reached my corner of the world as I see it and with ‘the pillow ‘ as my crown I went surfing my seven seas. Hour after hour , minute after minute , it felt warmer , darker and then suddenly the sun broke out. I saw the light more than I felt it . But my dreams stopped me from being awake. Suddenly Ellise came running into my room and started jumping over my gut , 

“Wake up , morning’s here. The morning’s gonna get upset Chris , wake up.”, She kept screaming , and I kept listening , but none did follow after every moving second , neither did I woke up , nor did she stopped screaming.

“Mum , chris won’t wake up”, she shouted , just as Dad came running into the room and followed him the worried , terrorized figure.

“He’s dreaming again , go get the needle. ” , Said Dad , calmed as water , but worried as wind.

The needle followed and in minutes ,I started soaking up as much air as I could and now , I have to get back to my house to face the same people and explain to them everything. And I was so tired of doing it , that I choose to change my plans for the dumbest reason there could be.

Suddenly the two satans show up on the roadside , riding on a jeep. 

“Buzz got a new buzz bro , and this baby is as good as never before. ” , screamed Mike with his pitchfork voice.

“And you got that for free?”, i asked knowing the answer.

“Dude , everyone deserves to be happy , and we ain’t the genius typos , you can earn shit like this man , we got nothin ” , said Buzz almost gullable. I threw my bag in and jumped in myself.

“So where to?”, I asked.

“There’s a nightparty just by the corner , and I don’t think we need an invitation.”

“Alright then , up – up and away”, and the jeep thrusted the metal to make smoke and then thrusted the smoke, to stick to metal.

Suddenly out of the story

 And merrry christmassssss!!!

Christmas was 3 days ago Past.

What !!!! And his jaw like branches dropped to ground .

Whyyyyy , why in the name of bananas would they prepone christmas. You know what I am gonna sue the pope.

Well they didn’t prepone it , you just missed it and the pope doesn’t decide the Christmas.

Yeah alright catholic geek! Enough of the bible-talk , I might have missed Christmas , but I am not missing new year.

Yeah , so at the party , what happened then.

What party , where’s party , you wanna party , let’s party …….and disco lights start rolling with 40s rock beats.

The story Past , ..and all the disco lights were out

You are no fun!

Yeah well I am 17 and believe me , you don’t wanna know how fun exactly I am when I don’t get to complete a story due to natural causes , terms and conditions applied.

Alright the story……

The story continues.

The music kept twinching as a sharp needle , tbe windows were rocked as devil’s knell and party was blooming with all the 15teens to 17teens .

“So you are the Shelby geeks “, said the 17 year old host of the scene and the talk of the Lavendale’s High school Phoebe Thatcher , or as most people new her , the english brainstorm.

“Yes ma’am” , said Buzz all drunk.

“And you must be Christopher , the guy who knows numbers ”

And suddenly Mike turns in ” Well what can I say he has a lot to learn , anyway I am Michael Brown ,you can call me Mike”

“I think I have seen you somewhere”

“You must have I am quite popular here”

“Ah! Yes you were the guy who is afraid of ducks , yeah right you fainted at the farmhouse visit in mid school”

And me and Buzz broke into a burst of laughter while Mike kept standing and Phoebe went away.And after a few minutes he turned back.

“Yeah , she’s funny I like it ”

“The joke’s on you dude!”, I said and then kept laughing untill Mike slowly took his walk of shame.

****************To be continued****************

Where the world begins