Arthur-Season-1-Case1A-Intuition in blind -Mr. Strange

In the loving memory of the most adventurous , thrilling and creative writer ever born . From slipping my tongue while learning to speak his name, to be able to write a story based on his works somewhere in the middle maybe I learned a thing or two about literature. This work is solely and completely based on the storm that went up my mind palace while reading works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

“I never speak of what I believe , but always what I know”

I certainly do not remember what or when changed my life from two wheel bicycle in the barn of open meadows to my nerves , 4 feet away from the wheels of something so indespicable , that I might never be able to find my way out of the nightmares. I have tried everything , literally everything. But the dreams are no metaphors doc. They are reality with just a minute till it all blows up. Reality just 4 feet away from my face and approaching fast , and I can hear none of it.”

“War affects us all Nat , some come back from , some never do , yet the latter are luckier, for atleast they die at once , but soldiers like you die all along. Are you having your medicines on time?”

“Yes,….. Mostly”

“How’s it with the new work”

“You mean the Scotland Yard , well I have my first call today , up at Melbourne.”

“Well i guess that will bring some London in your lungs , why don’t you try a book , here “, and with the end of the conversation she gave me a paperback print in orange , with its cover torn at the edges , however still not taped to the back. Must have been one of her favourite giveaways. “The many remedies to a dying heart” ,was what it said in bold. However I didn’t have the vision on how different spectras can the sun bestow upon the mortal heads , untill I finally met the man in the cap, afterall its his story ,or shall I say their story.

“In 1829 we got to see the figure ,an image of what we called the Metropolitan Police Service. In 1842 some of the finest of us got to be called the Detectives.” The Deputy Commissioner rolled up a sleeve as he barged over the next line while walking up and down the cabin. “In 1854 when crime upheld the city in smoke we had our first Investigation Department. And finally in the name of god and by the efforts of Sir Vincent on 8th April 1878 , we got to be called the great Scotland Yard. Today we have some of the finest in this very room up from their own wars to join ours under the special force . I thereby declare the enactment of the ‘Vincent forces’ , under the direction of DSU William Jones , and DCI Natalia Watson. , ” And suddenly with the sound of the camera flash I was back to my senses at The Safari Adventure House , Camden Street near the Greek Church , which was both the crime scene and Houston to my present. 

“Ok Natalia what have we got here?”, Said the unusually sunken voice as the man in black sat beside me .

“Well there’s no clear spectacles I can get out of it , victim’s name is David Brims , age 30 , resident of the states, was on a tour to london …” 

“Nat this is a murder case we got here. Not sure about the front , but people , are not supposed to die here , specially foreigners . Cases like these , they fly up in the media like tennis balls. Give me some solid evidence , some reason I can fill the papers with , words I can yoddle infront of the cameras. “,with a tinker of aggression , lines on his pitch black forehead , the friction in his snow white beard and now it was pretty clear that Jones was not as easy as I once thought he was.

“The victim’s got a shade of violet on his throat and his lips are more crumbled than dried , which could be the evidence of cyanide ingested orally , and not forcibly. And..”

“So it’s a suicide you say”

“Well there’s more to it”

“No I believe I have had what I need, darling”


“Only if and buts were candy and nuts , we’ve had Christmas everyday”.

And now I was pretty clear that there was hardly any string in the rhythm of those men or even a teetsy bit of fresh air in the smoke of London breeze. With my hands wrapped and my muffler stripped I packed up and went afoot to Mornington’s. 

I always wondered what made moon so crescent, and at once, I even made myself believe  that it had something to do with the way you see it. And now after all the time when one would mock and laugh upon the innocence and absurdity of ones childhood , I was yet able to find some truth out of it.

In just a few minutes , while I was at Stop J , the bus arrived and I went mingles over my excellent timing . It was only later that the 12 year old toddler taught me how to check london bus timings on my smartphone. If it weren’t for my distance from the streets of London I would have been pretty ashamed to learn it from a kid even though I have a major in CS&E from MIT , however, I had been lucky ever since.

It was only in the middle of the journey that I noticed this person. 5’11” , face mostly hid under the grey-ish cap , with a thin text on its verge that said “Philosophers Property” . I don’t know why but everytime I tried to blend away my visions got cornered to him . There was a peculiar sound to him. His face was hardly visible , but I was sure I didn’t knew him and I got that from the small beard hairs that filled up most of his face. Although it wasn’t very much the era of beard but the black hue and the level 3 trim was quite a look. However it was the width of him that would catch one’s eye. His waist was so slim that one could actually say that the black cardigan he wore actually never touched the white to-fit t-shirt he wore inside. And on the strangemost note the guy wore boots from like 1887. However I was still dazzled about why was I so concerned about this guy’s layout even though , I had chapter 1 – The first aid to your heart right infront of me. Well afterall , now I atleast know that the book works , just not in an apparent way.

I finally got off at Mornington’s Crescent , after swiping my not so efficient American Express card on the pink reader , to give up some £1.75 that I will not at all regret.

While I was walking on the Hampstead Road in the peaking sunshine , right from the high scape houses , towards the subway station, I actually saw this guy again. This time he had a book in his hand. It might not have been my best days at rememberence , but I was pretty sure the guy never had a carry bag or anything neither was their any bookstore nearby. How the hell did he get a book?

With my lucky fortunes working in the favour of my curiosity , the guy actually traced his path to the subway station. Apparently it was the same slim concavity of his tender waist  that aided him to walk so fast that I actually had to trottle in my pace. 

It was getting harder and harder to keep my eye stuck in the heavy crowd , however it was his hat that kept me going  .

Finally as I entered the station in the bustle my eyes like lost the track of everything , it must have been the lights and the glimmer that caught me in the dilemma of forgetting my purpose their. Finally after searching through the crowd I saw him entering one the tubes and it was to Tottenham and I had no wish to be lost in the lights again , but there was this red tailed satan named curiosity sitting on my shoulders that I couldn’t help. Finally I barged in the tube and as soon as the doors closed i started moving forward. I don’t know it was the colour of people or just the london fashion but all my memories of Afghanistan as if rushed into my brain with all the blood and it made me sick. For sometime I thought , I might give up.

“Ma’am you fine. You don’t look pink”

“I am fine, just tired”

“You can have my seat”

“Thank you , that’s very generous of you”, and I couldn’t stretch it anymore.So, I sat down took a deep breath but , it wasn’t quite helping as the infant besides me was crying his pitch best and I was nowhere fond of children. So ,as I moved up to give the man his seat back , he was gone . Must have moved forward . 

Then with a light pause the tube stopped , it was my drop and I went for the station outlet and then again I saw him . This time he had the book but he had baloons too. As far as I remember he didn’t have baloons with him as he entered the train. Now this was a pinch in my shoes. How and where from , but of all why.

This time it was his tracks on road so it was quite easy actually go detective . In seconds we hit the Oxford street and were finally in the heart of London that too in dark . But yet again Oxford is never dark. Its the people here. The man took turns so jumbled that it was hard to see where he was planning to go. However after a few turns I was pretty sure he aimed for Primark place. Walking like blitzkrieg the guy stops suddenly. Maybe he saw me, I always maintained the minimum distance of stalking principles but it was as if he sensed my presence. I did as I was taught . I kept moving and finally surpassed him , but with a very slow pace. After some distance I drop my earrings , take a few steps , act surprised and then turn back to pick them up . He was gone. Vanished in thin ai , like wind took him away to some place where no one has ever been . It was like one of those magic shows where they get pufff in the middle of a street. Now I was a bit scared . I started walking afterall , there was no reason to stop or shall I say no one to stop for , because a guy just disappeared infront of my eyes and it was impossible. My senses suddenly went up for a MCD and I was pretry sure I wasn’t very hungry yet I popped in. I went through the counter ordered a 1 person meal and went to savage a corner for myself. There was one two-seater in the corner but there sat a guy on it. Wringling with my short and sinple haircut aback my ears , and with a what the hell! , I went for it.

“Umm , Is this one occupied!”

“Doesn’t look so!”

“Well may I?”

“Free country.”

And with no more words against the eccentric outlook of the person I sat down.But as soon as I sat down I saw the person was quite familiar . He had a book in his hands there were baloons under the table and a cardigan and hat on the corner.

Giving no time to click and no air to surpass I reached for my hancuffs and locked him to the chair . As soon as I do so he looks at me , but rather than confused he actually sat there quite calmly , pretty much the reason why we got no attention, and then again got back to reading .

I was bumped by the whole scenario, and curiously waited for me to wake up. But neither was he some normal person , nor was it a dream.

“You sir, have been able to seek my attention on something seriously disturbing . You never had a book you entered the bus and there exists no store near Mornington’s . People don’t get balloons in the tube and definitely do not get vanished from the middle of the street , so either you tell me who are you or you are in some serious trouble” , I gave the warning as quiet as I could yet as strict as a poll.Yet all he gave is a goofy smile , and before I could say anything the order alarm beeps , I turn back , and as soon as I am back again , he’s gone. He’s vanished again. I couldn’t have been more scared , but bloody he did accept that challenge too and there was a book on the seat with the baloons tied up to the handcuffs with the lines written in black marker 

Thanks for the book , I would have been bored without it.

-Arnold Strange

And I sat there with my mouth open to watch to my horror the title of the book 

The Many remedies to a Dying Heart.

At Baker street near the Park Road entry-

Their was always quite a crowd up in this part of the street , and why shouldn’t there be , afterall it was once home to one of the fonest detectives , no matter if he ever existed or not.

The door creaks open with a bell up on its other end that rings with every entrance. 

“Welcome gentlemen , how may I help you with the warmth of the deepest corner of our heart , well why don’t I show you a trick”said the little girl dressed like 1890 maiden with a pack of cards in her hand.She shuffles it in the most extraordinary manner and then asks him to choose a card.

“Ok well yes I have made my choice”

“Well then you must not forget which one, alright”

“Fine ma’lady”, and he chuckles.

“And then she shuffles again and this time rains them down to the ground from a level below her waist , and pops one out.”

“Is this your card sir?, “, Asked her blushing red.

“Well yes ofcourse it is, the king of spades, why wouldn’t it be in a pack of cards where you can pick only one”, and he picks the deck up from card to see the other cards, which were all king of spades.

“The girl chuckles and laughes to a bubble , breaking Arnold to the goofy one he usually had.

“Syndia , is he here yet?”

“I believe he is Mr. Hudson”

And the old man is his seventies comes down the stairs with a brown army stick in his hands that said 6 th force RLC 1st Squadron.

So you are the one for this job . I bilieve you are just as bright as your words were. You say you are a big fan of Arthur Conan Doyle , but this place is all Sherlock , where will you find your Arthur in it?”- said Mr. Hudson.

If you rule out all that’s impossible then whatever left however improbable ,must be true, “, he paused and continued “there exists no Sherlock sir , there’s always an Arthur that decorates him with a hat and lights his pipe all long , without an Arthur , there is no Sherlock.”

“Indeed son , but yes , no need for sir and all the formalities , we all are comrades in the battle of life , call me Mr. Hudson” said he himself.

“Well as you may , so where do I start”

“Oh our little Miss Hudson will guide you to the way to your work, won’t she?”

“Ofcourse gentlemen , please proceed behind me , everything you see here is o..”she keeps saying and moving when suddenly the clocks start ticking to a greater noise , the breeze starts sizzing and the time slows doen and suddenly Arnold turns by his side to look at the corner and he sees a large man in a check coat and a round hat. But Arnold isn’t scared or worried , rather his face turns green when suddenly the keen voice breaks her out of it.

“Arnold , Arnold… Where do you think you are?, Cmmon we have loads to do , first of all we need to get to the groceries and I need to buy some stuff , do you mind giving me company”said the little Miss Hudson.

“Sure why not!”

And they move out the door when finally Arnold finds himself at the corner of the street with an history of 140 years. He was right infront of a green house with a nameplate that said 

221 B Baker Street , Marylebone- The Sherlock Holmes Museum -Souvenirs, Books , Antiques and more 

“We are here Arthur , we are home!”- said Arnold with a gentle but jolly sound as he sweeps his cardigan , brings over his hat and swifts with the wind.

***********Till next time********************

The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-9-“I see you”

The wind kept humming , but he didn’t move , the sun kept setting but he didn’t flick , the window was open right infront of him but the view was much different as reflected from his deep blue eyes. Such deep thoughts ,yet nowhere to run , nowhere to hide from what’s inevitable. To cure a broken wing of a red old sparrow was yet possible , but to cure a broken petal of a young tulip was still an entangled issue for Balthazar. 

“What’s the matter master steel , you seem to have built something of a climate around you. I didn’t want to disturb you but you missed the lunch already and it’s already time past dinner . With the mistresses out of the town if you are going to be such lazy on your appetite , I sure would loose my job.” , said Betty the maid of the mansion.

“You have been here from before I was born Betty if someone’s gonna get fired , my money is on myself.”, answered Balthazar in a fake tone of his own.

“Jokes apart master , I have been watching you from a long time and its not that much of a delight to watch the happiest face in the most drastic hue. Its like there is some face , some words that keep crushing you . I am not at all to be called the family for sure , but for if I can be any help do let it out.”

“There’s this girl….”as Balthazar said , Betty cuts in.

“Oh!there always is”

“No,no,no,no,noo not in that way its totally plutonic.”

“Oh , isn’t it always plutonic”.

“It’s about a friend of mine who’s friend , which happens to be a girl is having trouble”

“A friend I see!”(giggles)

“Okk tell me this if a person is in pain  , and in terrible pain and you know it but the other one doesn’t want you to know , and if the other one , everytime when meeting you picks up a smile on the face then what should the person do.”

“Well it depends does the person care about the other person?”

“”I think so!”

“You think so ???”

“Yes the person cares about the other person”

“Well then that person should talk to the other person , bring all of her pain out , help her realize that no matter how great the pain is , it must not be held on to , rather it should be embraced and let out because you see pain demands to be felt .”

“You really think that’s the best idea?”

“I know a thing or two about it , and I wish this one works for you , by the way you really like this girl”

“Yeah I do,.. wait no what girl , there’s no girl , … It’s totally completely plutonic ……….”  and before he could end his growling Betty walked out of the door silently with a smile on her face . 

The next day at school right under the Banyan tree was Sophia , ….

Wait , wait , wait a Banyan tree you say?

Well it’s the last chapter dude , I might as well include the half writer you see.

Well so how is this tree , tall , bushy , handsome??

Past. How can a tree be possibly handsome?

Well you don’t have to be peculiar about it .

Okk then tell me how do you want a tree?

Only that you beg to ask , well the tree should be brobdingnagian, it should be this enormous bushy but firm yet fluffy green tree in its hundred and forties ya know . It should have this dark brown barks but lighter shades for branches and upper leaf style like an Amsterdam you see… And..

Oh past you are such a girl.

Me oh no no no me nah I was just having fun I mean what kind of tree is so choosy with its leaves .

Well then shall I.

Yes , not like you get to be anywhere in the story. 


Fine continue with the story

Thank you . So , Sophia here was sitting under a nice , ‘handsome Banyan tree’ with her eyes gazing upon the grooves between the signatures of a hard bind book like hallows on the surface of gaia ., When suddenly a shadow covers up the sun she kept feeling up her head.

“May I join you ‘misstress of death and the tales of blood haven by Martha Buffay”

“You may Master Steel ”

“Haha very funny , don’t say that ever again.”

“Why everyone calls you Master Steel , why not me”

“Well cause there’s enough people calling me Master Steel and I already hate it enough”

“Hmm Well I would love if people called me princess you know. I would wake up in the morning and as soon as i drop my feet to the ground there’s someone who slips a pair of sandals into my feet . ..”

“Hey , hey wait up Cinderella , it’s not like that .” Killing the mood with sarcasm Balthazar just as soon realizes he’s in trouble starts running for his life

“Hey, maybe we can edit the part with the Cinderella , you know lets say there’s a 50 50 chance”says Balthazar with his heart pounding as he keeps running.

“50??? Oh I tell you there’s 100 peecent chance that I kill you today”

“Okk now I think that the horror books are having some bad effect on your health”

“My health , run for your life Balthazar Steel cause I ain’t gonna stop untill I bring that tongue out of your mouth”

“Okk let’s just say you become a princess one day , this is no etiquette for a princess”

“Oh you come in my hands Balthazar I will tell you what etiquettes I got”

And in such a way they kept running untill both of the finally felt their lungs in their mouths.

Finally they found themselves at the rooftop with the set setting its brows to bow infrint of the majestic forests that lay a surface of hills and greenery infront of them. 

“When I was 5 my granny would dress me up like a princess , she would give me a tiara and a sceptre of my own and I would dance all around the house”, and just speaking of that sophia mumbled and almost broke into tears.

Balthazar moved forward , held her in her arms and embraced her sorrows as his own.

“We all miss them Sophia family or friend , someone we love , others we hate , we never realize how important they are , but only when they are far away , far enough for us to forget the spark in their eyes and warmth of their heart , only then we realize how incomplete we are without them . But life’s not gonna stop running its wheels. They may be gone but its us who live today in their name , and we must live on , so that their memories never fade away with us in oblivion. ” With a heavy tone and an even heavier heart Balthazar lets his arms open to wash tears off the flower girl .

The next morning was brighter , the wind was softer and the tress were greener . As soon as Balthazar enters the school he notices a difference in the aura of the fauna. He sees those lockers where Romero would lie about his tales of valour to a bunch of girls of the junior year. He sees those water fountains which he would turn on over Romero so that when he enters the classroom he is all wet yet has no reasons. He sees those corridors where both of them would rush just as soon as the recess bell rings to race to the car to get to the front seat. And then he sees the sweet chery face of the flower girl and all of those memories fade away in the past .And with a gust of wind rising up his mind he murmurs to himself “A steel does bend”.

 Because that is what life is all about at the end. To bloom in the present and rush into the future , because no matter if its going to be easy or harsh , you would have made great memories untill then to live on , to thrive on.

***************End of Story **************

P.s.- Well I know it’s been too long for this chapter , well I must say it has been hell of a month for me , and I might even tell you about it , but let’s save that story for some other time . By the way the important thing is that I will be starting an all new action – adventure thriller “Arthur” from next week and yes guys I am super excited about it too. So there will be a break to Banyan stories untill then and I will be giving a glimpse to the title cover with this post , so nothing fancy yet I made it so do tell your views about it and as they say it . Adios!

The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-8-“Forgive me father for I have sinned..”

Hey Past!


There’s this one curious question , that has been bugging me .

I don’t think it’s gonna end well , yet , hit me!

Well you are an age old mystical tree right?

I had prefer experienced and knowledgeable , but go on.

Well all that I have heard in stories is about these trees who have very depressing voices , and they always start with ‘Once upon a time…’. 



Shut up!

Hey ! I wasn’t accusing , or anything but still if…

Only if and buts were candy and nuts , we’d have Christmas everyday. Now seal it up and tell the story , it’s already been long enough.

Fine , you don’t have to be naggy about it. So where was I , Sophia was with Balthazar at the hill top graveyard and just as she told him of how two graves were the ones she was in debt for.

“Who are they Sophia ?”,asked Balthazar with a deep graze but faint attention to his visions. 

“Just someone who cared for me , but I bilieve I am too late to make it up to them. ” answered Sophia  , with a tongue of lack in interest .”Come on lets go , its about time and I don’t want to miss it on my first day because you know I won’t like to tell everyone that the great Balthazar Steel was wimpy , and so I got late” said she turning the air around jolly.

“Well all you have to worry about is your high heels miss sugar ” , said Bathazar as he rushed by her sideways andstarted running uphill, “Meet you at the summit slow-phiya” .

“You …… ” and in a burst of a blue laugh , she joined the race up to the top, and both of them went running up the hill. 

On the other side of the time and space , Samantha looked quite dipped into some deep long lost food for thought. She was diving deeper and deeper with her all might but yet didn’t seem to have found an end. Just as she was busy in her thoughts , Tiffany interviened . 

“Mum , may I come in ?”

“Look at you , asking the question that you know I have no answer  to . You seriously think that this old lady would ever mind to have her daughter sit besides her . Come in .”

“I want to talk to you about something”

“Go on”

“Well it’s like someone I want to talk to you about, someone Balthazar seems to be intrigued with.”

“I see you have some serious lumps on your forehead , tell me dear what’s bothering you?”

“I was looking up the newspapers from eight to nine years ago, on account of this project I had , and I found this, ” and she takes a slip , a papercutting out of her purse and shows to her mother.

The heading in bold and curves stated of Norton Danvers’ car accident causing the death of two age olds and severe injury to the nine year old girl , assumed to be the daughter of Norton Steel. Reading the cutting Samantha’s etes widened , her face went scarlet and like fumes get descended her thoughts started clearing up with the course of time.

“This , where did you find it ?”

“It was the news bulletin in a local newspaper , however what astonishes me is how only did this news never scrapped off the legal desks , and even if it didn’t , why don’t we know about it?”

Coming back to the other side again the two todllers as they seemed the day , were quite up on fun with each other . Balthazar shows her the sections and walks her through the corrider , they mostly did a quick run and then dash on the corrider like small kids. He also gave her the tour of the basketball court where he tried to make a lay up but couldn’t even make it into the net , even by a dunk , because no kidding but he was no good at it. However Sophia was able to make it quite beautifully into the basket . Balthazar slave to his own habits breathes out and says 

“I just made it you know , must be a ball problem “, and as he turned around to walk away , Sophia , agile as an Amazon  rushes to the pole and gives it a perfect shot.

“Yeah you are right , there’s something wrong with the ball, it’s too spherical”and she bursts into laughter with her sarcasm.

Moving on Balthazar introduces her to the most hateful ‘Mrs Simmons’ 

“I see you have got a friend Mr. Steel . Does she too have the same illness as yours ?”

“Ahh, well lets call it a work in progress” answered Sophia as she walked away by her sides with a wink to Balthazar, leaving Miss Simmons in a mouthfull of grudge.

Finally the day ends Balthazar the gentlemen rather than escorting the lady is escorted by the lady to his house , because apparently his legs had a lifetime of basketball court. However anyhow he makes it to the house where the two of them walk up the aisle to the door.

“So I guess thisis me. ” ,said Balthazar

“Yeah well , I had a great day , I must say , you are seriously far more interesting than what it looks”

“Yeah well I call myself anti-boring “, says Balthazar stamping his feet on the ground in the moment , however feels immense pain in the next one.

“Wish to see you soon .. ” and with the departing words as Balthazar was to say the same she kissed him on his cheeks and with a waive she wishes a bye , however leaving Balthazar in an unknown dimension of mesmerizing moment.

Finally the master of the mansion finds the way to the doors handle and stumbles in.

With the sun all red yet about to be more Tiffany crashes to Balthazar’s attention 

“Balthazar I have a task for you”

“Don’t bother”

“Well apparently some yound girl called asking for you ”

Assuming the greatest probability to be true he turns all tomato and jumps up

“Who , what , when , why…”

“She said she wanted offer you something ”

“Something what???””

“I don’t know ,  can’t remember it clearly… ”

Understanding her reference , he asked

“What task?? Sister dearest”

“Well there is this church I go to every friday , however I have some errands to this moment , so I want you to have my place for one day ”

“You know I don’t do this stuff right?”

“It’s just a candle ”


“Okk well thank you”, and she started walking away.

“Hey , what about the call .. ?”

” Oh yes”, she say without turning “it was some girl from a call center offerinf discount coupons , if you wish , its on the redial” , and walks away , with her face all lit up by the thought of soiled expectations of the other one , and that was qite real.

However motto or promise , a steel never bends , he picked himself up the trauma and went for the church. With nothing much to do around. He did the usual one , however not very well. The church was mostly empty which was quite contrary to the day . He was stumbling around untill he saw this cabinet . It was more like a box , a confession box . He always read about it , of existence of god on the othr side. Out of curiosity , he took it quite literally and went the other side finding almighty. Getting into the box he sat down , however to his nightmare the door closed and he got locked. Trying to escape , he tried everything but suddenly the grills got shadowed and the darkness covered with an innocent face . Before Balthazar would say anything, she said

“Good evening father , I guess you weren’t expecting me today” ,as she said the voice rung a bell in his ears. It was Sophia. Maybe the virtue of the moment , maybe the intense gravity of the moment , was something that possessed him to settle down and blend in.

“Well I won’t go one ranting all boring stuff like always , I have something good this time. Its this boy I met. His name is Balthazar. ” And smile creaked upon the old devil’s face wearing the gown of chapel.

“He is different. Doesn’t believe in god though . But he is something familiar , something that seems so new , yet feels very native , someone more like a soul wrencher.”, and the devil goes nuts , however misses the grammar of the last line.

“Today I took him to the grave , thought I would tell him , but I failed to do it . Just the thought of sharing the pain might give us the luxury of relief , but what it takes away from us is the soleness of the very pain that’s ours and only ours. I couldn’t bear the load of the pain , and so I am here to find peace , ‘again’ , so I am gonna start as I always do .Forgive me father for I have sinned , for the mistakes that were no mistakes if I say so , but the misconception of the fate , and the blunders in my soul. The dark night I still remember. I was nine , and it was my birthday. My Granny and I had a fight , andso Granna was sad about it . He took us to the beach , he brought me a cake , with the little pink candles. He bought me heart shaped chocolate. But I cared for none. Then when we were moving back , my anger went in furies. Granny lost patience and shouted over  . To the fury I lost my even better half and jumped over her , however ended up shaking the wheels. We were on a bridge. The car lost its balance and , my grandparents their lives . I still live the day every time I see their graves. Some would say I am not over it . But how can a sinner be over his sins. What if I don’t want to be over it. What if I wish to embrace their memories , closest I can to my aching heart , and never let them go” , maybe the moment was too naive , but even the metal has its limitations. Their wasn’t one soul burning in guilt to seek redemption , there were two of them . Without saying a word the sinister went away , however the devil  wasn’t able to find enough will or enough reasons to leave the grief their.However the door opened and the dazzled man in white asked the question in the name of christ
“What are you doing here my child ?”

“Seeking forgiveness”

“Doesn’t that requires you on the other side?”

“Well it’s forgiveness for not what I have done father , but for what I am about to do…….”

………………………To be continued………………

The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-7-“Worth it?”

This world is not just some small village as they say nowadays. Even the brightest of Appolo could never bring the dawn upon the whole world at once. But yet we believe it. Worth it ? 

The worship of the mightiest brings a change but not the uplift of the weak. Worth it?

If there is something that a man learns from the inquisitive nature of time , then it is that no matter how good a teacher curiosity be , no matter how good a nourisher nature is , a man shall face the the worst of the havocs from the latter, and the best of the emptyness from the former. But when you find out that there might exist no answer , would finding it be worth it ?

“What , c’mon speak uo , will you ? Where’s mum , why are you so plummed?” , asked Balthazar in an annoying haste that added a touch of temper to his syllables .

Before Tiffany could spell it out , Balthazar ran his way up to the summit , with three , four and as many leaps he could adhere at once . As he rushed the door open , he saw something that did tinker him with no letters but only a rush of emotions. He saw his mother smiling and cheering to the silly and subtle talks . 

“She just had her breakfast “, Tifanny exclaimed, ” she ate Balthazar, she did , and guess , who made her up! ”

And there she sat , with a goofy , sweet smile on her read cheeks, blossomed like the one day spring in the garden of eden. Only if Balthazar could soak in the the hapiness and satisfaction , then he could find the words to fit into his needs. How much did he wait for this moment , what didn’t he do , but finally saw the creak on dull moon , all because of this one girl. 

“C’mon in Balthazar , you know what ,we were just talking about you . Remeber that once when you were a little kid. Oh! you were the cutest of all , but yet never spoke off a straight tongue , always rude , just like your father. ” said Samantha as she turned back to Balthazar between her conversation with Sophia.

“Yes , I guess I was much like him “, and trying not to get the heart out of himself , Balthazar stopped and with an excuse went out of the room.

“You could have done it sooner you know , eased her of her pain . It’s not that hard.”, said Sophia to Balthazar as she stood besides him watching the sunset.

“Father used to say that a steel never bends . He had one tough conviction . Didn’t help him much though , he was able to find a good man out of him . Everytime I picture myself laughing and being just happy with my mother , my Father is that piece of puzzle that always chokes me up. I fear that the moment I bring his memories back I would loose both of them . My father was a steel. I am just a misfold . “, he answered.

“That’s the beauty of it Balthazar , we love those the most whom we never want to be with , and we try to be the most what we are better than. Maybe that’s why we need to find happiness to live it. Your mother is one tough women , never doubt her. And when it comes to steel , it’s not how firm or unbreakable you are that matters. It is the way you keep adapting the change , it’s the way you bend your way- in,  is what makes you stronger, because at the end of the day a steel does bend , and that’s what makes it stronger. ” 

“You have seriously got one hell of a philosophy up your sleeves”

“What can I say senior Balthazarrr I am justt too much intoo itt”, adds Sophia with a funny accent as Balthazar breaks into giggles.

“But no matter what you gave me a huge favour , and I don’t like to owe to anybody . So ask me , I genee Balthazaradeen grant you with a single wish to all your dreams”

“Well Mr. sophisticated and rude genee I wish you to escort me to my first day at school and show me around. ”

“Don’t tell me you are joining the “mets” ”

” “mets” , ewww , isn’t there any chance that they could get a change in their nickname ”

“Believe me , there’s a fair chance of them finding a change in the manual they came with that the nickname . They are all the same. ‘Metropolitan ‘, no matter how fancy they turn it into , they still can’t deny how nuts they are and the name is. There are like these insane droids. All of them wear the same , speak the same , walk the same , it’s like watching a zoo up close. ”
“Looks like you’ve got some real issues with the public school practice. Don’t worry I don’t like it either. We’ll call it a two sheep pack.”

And just in one tone or another the sun fell, the night broke and the stars fell upon the sky.

The next morning , Balthazar wake up with a very different colours in his thoughts. His heart felt lifted , and the mind felt calm. He stood on the balcony , like Jack Sparrow on the deck of the blackbeard and grazed into the distinct brightness to look upon the burning flames. His eyes might feel burning , bit his visions went clear , his mind might fell itchy , but his nerves severed because no matter what this new day brought upon his quest , he now believed ‘it was worth it’. ”

Just as Balthazar cuts his way out of the fussy crowd of two  , and opens up the door he saw that his day just got brighter. Just as he proceeded to it , he saw Sophia coming up . 

“Never late huh, is that too a steel thing ” asked Sophia as they decided to walk their way to the school.

“No ,  not that we don’t respect time , it’s just that we owe ourselves more than that “, and by every pun as such Balthazar would bring , the lady in the pink , would swell like daisy.

“Where are we going , because , the last time I checked , the hill top was this way.”, Asked Balthazar as she went into the cemetery.

“Just wanted to meet someone”, answered Sophia. 

To the irony one may intercept , to the the truth one may judge , but , everything in the doom of afterlife felt more alive. After covering a few steps , Sophia settled down near a grave of two and turned forwered the tulips with her.

“Who are they Sophia?”,asked Balthazar , pumped with curiosity.

“They are the ones , that I owe my life to. Someone who gave my life a meaning. Someone who taught me , that no matter you live or not , if it brings a smile to the faces of the one you love , it’s worth it…….”

…………………….To be continued………………….

The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-6-“Chromium”

When I used to be the kid , like really small , the one that mostly hung in and around people’s arms, I was pretty observing. I mean not observing as in a scientist observing , but as in curious observing. 

I got it.

You got what?

That you were an idiot , now would you kindly pace up?

You are one mean tree, you know that!

You bet’cha.

As I was saying , I always wondered about the concept of colours. I mean how just a single stroke of a few bristtles can margin upon the dull canvas a figure of life , how can a dip in two different pots make a difference , how a sip of water can make things so smooth , and how just a blend into the spectra can devoid you of the need of a new colour. So blend I was in the colours that among all the time I was busy in the small silly ciphers , I forgot to find my way to the real question , and the question was that can a life be just the same , because if life was just an empty canvas for Balthazar , there must exist a painter with a masterpiece. Does it?

Balthazar tried to answer the greetings with a nice welcoming gesture and a wink but all that he could say was 

“Phise pho pheet pho”

“Oh I am sorry what!”

“I phaid phiz phisee phu pheeet pho phophia phanfers”

“Yeah just a second !”

Just by that line she took out the tulips stuffed in Balthazar’s throat.

“Thank you , now would you mind getting off me ?”, Said Balthazar ,with a sprinkle of wit.

“Oh I am so soooo sorry “,and she was back on her legs.

After collecting , and recollecting the bright and the jolly ones that nearly covered all of the floor , she stood up and handed it over to Balthazar , who finally was able to find a comfy table for the blossoms. 

“So here is the most beautiful girl and my favourite-most person .” , came ringing like a bell Tiffany in the utmost sophisticated and aristocratic tone she can acquire and wrung herself around the girl in the irony , while Balthazar kept observing. “Look at you , you have seriously changed so much since the last time we met . I must say that you might have lost all that shape but you still have the chubbyness on your face , and I must say it suits you. ” , and yet Balthazar was still watching. While Sophia instead of words , used her blossomed face and cherry like smile , welcoming the application.

“Balthazar don’t you recognize her?”, asked Tifanny and yet Balthazar kept watching like a bird. 

“We have met ” Sophia said as she forgot to add ‘ in an unfortunate series of unforgettable and shamful incidents ‘.

“However since I am the elder one , it would be better if I did the honours . So Balthazar this is Sophia Danvers , the only daughter of Mr. Norton Danvers and the rightful heir to the throne of the vast , ‘Danver Empire’.”

For if it were any other name or a connection or some business acquaintance , Balthazar wouldn’t have caught up to the limits of his forgetfulness , but just the two syllables in the name ‘Norton’ was enough to bring the respect and gratitude in Balthazar’s eyes. Norton Danvers as the world knew him was the leading business tycoon in the country , and the most generous person one would ever meet. However he wasn’t so lucky to have a whole line of generations to offer him the pride and prestige of better education and thereby earned his education by the scholarship , among which ‘ The Steels’ were the foremost donors. Norton never knew the meaning of family until he met Stephen. Stephen was not only his only friend from his childhood , but also the only family Norton had before Sophia and her mother. Nevertheless what value would be of a friend in need if he wasn’t a friend indeed and so with the death of Stephen , Norton took care of the Steel Empire as his own untill  Tifany learnt about the business , just as he promised Stephen . However for what Balthazar valued him the most was his constant support and a connecting nature , for even when Stephen was alive , most of the elderly talk Balthazar had was with Norton and after Stephen was gone , most of the livelihood tales off the childhood jukebox that he heard was from Norton , but what bonded the two the most was their situation , for both stood on the same side of the river where the only reason that they ever had to cross it was taken . Both of them had lost the most understanding friend they ever had and the pain was yet lost in some unknown fathoms , when the two of them were together. However , other than a few mentions and some dusty visits in way past , there were hardly some times that Balthazar had came over the mention of Sophia. Even though she just shifted to the city a month ago , Balthazar never got the chance to meet her.

“And this my dear Sophia is Balthazar , who unfortunately is the brother I had been dealing with from a long time “,hearing to which Sophia broke into a curve. “Come on in , we have a lot to talk about , and just with that short convo the girl in yelow , disappeared in the blue , however left balthazar grazing green in the utter red.

The next day as the morning broke into the red riding maroon , Balthazar couldn’t help himself thinking of the condition of her mother. Even though he tries so hard to get her to eat timely , talk or evenbreak a smal conversation , just to ease the pain , all that he ends up is leaving her in the redness of more and more realization that Stephen is never going to come back . However it was Tuesday , and the first day after the summer break to Balthazar’s sophomore year. He wasn’t so sure that he should be leaving home , not so because he was afraid to make the cut to the bigger chase and couldn’t take anymore guilt striken pity calls , but more because he wasn’t willing to leave his family in a situation as such . However Balthazar already had his attendance all crowded and so he must follow up the tryst. As usual Balthazar got up took his walk , more of a run to burn out as much adrenaline as he could, so that he doesn’t have any left to boast on others. He got to the mansion , had a heartful breakfast and after he was done , he thought of visiting his mother . He went up the door wanted to make a knock but stopped . He saw his mother sleeping . He went close to her and slowly exchanged her wet oillow with a new one , and kissed her goodbye. Sometimes its the moments that make us cry , sometimes its the people we love , but mostly its just us , thinking of the worst that could happen in our dreams and waking up and finding the reality is worse that breaks us. Maybe Balthazar had just an idea , but the wet pillow spoke a lot.

Just with the sound of it , Balthazar left for school in the car , however had a driver to drive him to the top . Just as he was in there reliving the moments of how his father escorted him to the very first day of his school , he remembers the way he had this goofy bottle wrung around his neck and this little hat that he wore , because Tifanny burnt his hair , using the hair dryer while using him as a doll. He was scared , but more like excited and only then his father said ,” Don’t beat up easy , girls love bald faces “. For if it were just his words Balthazar wouldn’t have bought it , but he actually trimmed his hair to support his son and yet found his name in the Forbes’ top ten.  And it was after that , little Balthazar said ” I don’t care dad , because no matter what , ‘ A Steel never bends ‘ ” and by that line the old man and the young kid , chuckled up like chocolate brown.

As his car went passing by the cemetery , Balthazar exclaimed , “Stop the car , Williams “, and the car haulted.

“How much time before I am late ?”,

“Doesn’t matter sir I believe family always comes first. For all I know , the car got punctured and I had to pull over”

“Thank you Williams , thank you ”

And by that greeting to Williams , Balthazar got down the car and went for his fathers cemetery . Finally when he found it , he knelled down to the epitaph that read in bold , ‘ A true husband , a loving father and an excellent person ‘ , for what it forgot to mention was how true were those words now , than they were then. Just as he was about to finish his prayers , he felt the need to bring it out and he did . 

“Hey dad ! I know its odd for you to expect someone as a son on such a beautiful day to spoil the fun (chuckles), but believe me I won’t take much time, It’s just that I miss you a lot. I know I never said it in person , I was never able to but , I loved you , you know. Maybe if you would ever spare some time from all the business god is having with you up their , kindly get a blessing or two to your son . I know how angry you would be knowing that how irresponsible for me to run late to school , but believe me father , the more pain it is for me to talk to you like this , it is way more for mother to endure not seing you everyday. “, finishing those lines , Balthazar took a tulip , out of his pocket , and kept it among the other wrinkled ones.

Maybe it’s often our expectations that inspire us for the situation to take a turn on the edge , and sometimes it’s the prayers we make to god . But many times I believe it’s the way we ignore that even the most hated person , shall have a few to love him . Maybe it was his prayers , maybe it was his expectations , but there was one person listening to it all.

The day at school was like no difference to Balthazar , the same winning and pity things that Balthazar feared , but among all what he hated the most was this feeling he had as a burden upon his shoulders of how everyone expected him to be retarded and hopeless. However he successfully crawled out of the day ad when he finally reached home he saw Tifanny coming to him in a swish full of haste.

“What happened , Balthazar asked inquisitively?”

“It’s mum, she …..”

“She what Tifanny , speak up… ?”


…………………………To be continued……………………

The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-5-“Power of Steel”

Then?? What happened, did he jump? Did he give up ? How can he give up? Past , Hey Past , are you even listening ? Tell me what happened next.


“Well” What?

There’s a problem…

What problem???

Well the problem is , that I don’t know what happened later. Most of the stories here are incomplete. There are books, mend in graves , embarked in ciphered ink ,so entangled , that even after years of perseverance , I was unable to find their story.

Well, I can hardly surpass the pain of a untold story , I can hardly imagine your situation, stumbling among hundreds of lives , for thousands of years. Guess what , maybe I can help you with it.

You will?

Well I will try , maybe even I know a thing or two about stories. You know what they say, every story has two sides , so this is mine:-

The wind was steady, yet made thousands of noises , with every crest and trough. His feet was up high , the clock as if turning its dial to strange, Balthazar leaned forward to take the leap into the hollowness of his own conscience, but right at the moment when he was about to make the despicable call , , his eyes went over the tweating  noise that came over from a nearby nest. There was this small nest with two little sparrows in it . Two brown , and innocent infants , chirping to get something down their throat , to the bottom of their little bellies . Just by the time , the mother sparrow , comes flying over the day, and feeds the offsprings with the food in their tiny beaks. Balthazar is trembled. His sight of a journey , through the heart of Inferno was not alone anymore . The sacrifice he was about to make wasn’t his anymore. Just by the moment , his legs trembled and slipped by an inch , but , there was help! A supporting hand came rushing from a way and pulled him over. 

Balthazar scared for his life rushed back and jerked himself , right to the end of the wall . He just the glimpse of the unknown right through it. Being scared was ,but, an emotion , for what he felt was shame on what he was about to do.

“What were you thinking? Have you lost your mind? What was this Balthazar. How can you, of all ,be a coward? I am asking you something , look into my eyes and answer Balthazar Steel , I am talking to you , answer me.”

“Because I can’t take it anymore”, Balthazar screamed out loud as he broke into tears.

“I can’t take it Tifanny , I can’t……. Every time I pass through those trees it reminds me of the promises I made with Romero that I failed to keep, every time I walk past his house , it reminds me of those parents that lost their son , because I failed them , every time I walk past dad’s room it reminds me of the son I failed to be. But what hurts the most to me is the undying pain and guilt , that grows under my skin , every day , every minute , every second that reminds me that how I failed to be a STEEL . I failed sister, I failed every single time and I can’t live with it , and so I must take it away with me.”

“Take it away! Balthazar how easy it is to you to just say those words than do it. ‘Take it away ‘ ? What makes you think you can ‘Take it away’ , as much of an expression as it sounds , take it away from whom? The mother that brought you up ,among  all the danger and defame and friction , do you think she will let you go away . Do you think that I , after all the support and trust was put away from you , I  who still believed in you , cared for you , you think I will give up on you . Your life isn’t yours to give up on Balthazar , for you must keep fighting .” . Just saying these words , Tifanny let go of her anger as the air of loosing his little brother lightened on her forehead.

Then she moved forward , and leaned to Balthazar and said with a soft tone 

“If not for yourself , then atleast for us. It is okay to let the tears roll off your eyes and lighten your heart than to keep them in and kill every little ounce of life left in you. Believe in the better , believe in the Power of Steel”

 And with those few words , Tifanny went away wiping the tears off her face.

However the darkness still surrounded Balthazar as he shrinked at his place and started staring the rising moon as the picture in his fantasy took another leap. 

He started thinking of those very moment which were gripping his heart from the longer scale of time. He started thinking of those moments when he used to be a kid of six . The small kid with large and big blue eyes . Of how , he used to break everything that existed anywhere around him . When the whole family went ruffles over the small kid , how his father came to the rescue . Of how his father used to save his little blueberry , from everyone else by hiding him behind his legs. 

He started to remember those moments when he had tons to do and tons to study , and all the time he had was just a night . Of how at the moments when he felt totally miserable , his sister would come along the way  just at time to save the day. Of how just so that he could get some sleep , his sister would sacrifice hers .

He started thinking of those times , when by unfortunate  and ill times he would get sick and was not able to catch a sleep, his mother would comfort him , mesh his feet , ring his cloth and cuddle him to sleep.

He remembered those moments when he was mocked by every single staff that lay the institution’s academic foundation in the class and sent outside in the open to be baked by the sun , his friend would accompany him in every possible foliness and silliness.

Remembering just those times cracked Balthazar’s heart open and he cried over what he was about to do . He sat there all night thinking and rethinking of those very moments over and over again until , his soul wrenched with blood and fell for acceptance.

The sun rose to the height as much it should and the stars dissapeared as soon as they would. The morning was new , so was the wind but still was uneasy around those corners where Mrs Steels’ room was. Eyes dull and face wrinkled , as if the rose of summer found but winter everyday. While she kept starring out of the window , Balthazar asked Tifanny as he stood arm in arm outside her room starring at her mother.

“How long has she been this way , why doesn’t she eat ?”

“As I said Balthazar , the wounds might have been deep , but were wounds for us. To her , it was her name that turned meaningless , her whole pivot that got off the needle. While you were lost in your own hell , she was able to believe , there’s no way out for hers”

Listening to this Balthazar’s heart wrenched with sorrow. He went to her , sat infront of her and said.

“Mother , hey look its your son ”

However she still seemed to have lost his words.

“You can’t be this way the whole time ma. I know it is not understandable to me of what pain you feel . But for you must know , we care for you and you must come back.”

But no matter how much Balthazar tried , she was unresponsive.

Some people they meet you in an incident, and still are able to find their way to become the most blissful or the most dreadful accident of your life. The former was pretty much the case that was with Mrs. Steel . However there was yet one to come for Balthazar that had its own chances.

With a usual honk , the bell to the mansion rose. However , since it was evening Balthazar was around the house and coincidentally around the door. As soon as he opened the door , a large pile scented tulips rung over all around Balthazar’s face , as he fell , with a pile of it over him. However it seemed odd for a bunch of tulips to be so heavy , and it was , just as he removed a few of them from his face , he saw this face and to him the clock wasn’t just ticking , but bombing in motion. This face , it had everything you could describe for a sunny day in june’s summer.

She scrolled her short brown hairs back with a flick of her fingers.

“Well , hello I am Sophia Danvers , its nice to meet you…. ”

…………………..To be Continued………………..

 P.S.- No matter how fictious the story of Balthazar Steel is , there’s always a part of it connected to all of us. We all have a Tiffany Stell as a sister , who greets us with the hardmost competition , but with utmost care. We all have a Mrs. Steel in our lives , who always is acknowledged by the name of her family rather than her own , which as a matter of fact in this case is Samantha Steel  . But all we offer them is a day or two’s respect. A day might be enough to celebrate the birth of an intellectual or the death of a leader , but a day is not enough to celebrate the mother , the sister , and the women in your life. Of all the things I thank god everyday , I thank him first of the two mothers that I have and yes there’s two of them , because when your sister is 8 years older , she kinda gets a little bossy. However I must not continue for she must be reading every word and would definitely stick it down my throat , so to sum it up , just be gratefull you have someone you can look upon to see what you live for. Happy Mothers Day ! Thank you. 


The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-4-“Dusk or Inferno”

Have you ever seen a pot? Well you sure would have . But have you ever seen how it’s made? Have you ever noticed that a structure so dull , so brittle ,demands so much delicacy and polishing. Have you ever witnessed the scenery , the beauty of how a potter gives a rush to his wheel , take a handfull of clay and starts moulding it into the shape of something so imperfect yet so glimmery. But what’s important is not how he makes it , because what’s important  is how he tests it. He leaves the raw and shaped ones for a day or two under the bright sun and waits until the mud bakes brown. And when its done , he fills them with water. The one that breakes , returns to the lap of its origin , the one that doesn’t , is yet just a pot. What do you think was the reason that one pot breaks and the other doesn’t. Well the potter never blames the darkness of the eve that might have dawned the dusk upon the little pot , but blames the fierce flames of the sun that left the burns so deep that they never could be healed.

 This was pretty much the condition of Balthazar . His eyes were numb , filled with such sorrow and pain that even the dying rays of the living sun could do nothing but glitter over his crying past. He was facing the setting sun, but what the sun stood still to watch, was if he was going to loose himself to the dusk or not. He kept his eyes all open but all that he kept listening was a faint , distant noise , a noise that was breaking him and something that shook him just to the bottom of his spine.

“Mr. Steel , you must come here soon , its critical.”

Just those words were enough to make Balthazar loose his mind. He put down his bag , and his coat , rushed to the doors while he snatched the keys of the car from his driver’s and sprinted to the vehicle. As soon as he opened the door , Stephen screamed 
“What happened ?”

Balthazar turned around , but had no words to answer . It was such horror , so deep in his face that he was even feared to speak it out , to admit it. However the red dripping eyes did the work for him . He screwed in the keys and with the thrashing and humming sound he left for the hospital .

“St. Marron’s “, his voice shrilled , yet was able to spill out just those few words as he stumbled in front of the bright red symbol.

He walked as quickly as he could and then to the reception. 

“Romero , Romero d’souza”, mumbled Balthazar filled with terror.

“You are family?”

“I just want to know where is he ?”

“Sorry sir, only family members are permitted to get any knowledge of the admits, are you family ?”

“Yes , yes I am”, said Balthazar as he meant it.

“Well then please give me your intials and you will be going to room 221 B , 2nd floor”

Balthazar filled up and got all over with the formalities only then did he rushed through the stairs and just as he got to the room, he saw two faces. Two innocent faces. A father , silly enough to dream to have his boy from his shoulders to his chest , to accompany him in his deathbed , to help him find peace. A mother , needy enough to expect a son to have her at the top of the world , to treat her like a goddess . What was their fault at that moment, Balthazar stood still unable to tell , while two crying faces were sober enough to cry that their son was gone. 

“Romero’s dead. There was an accident . Romero was driving . And then he got call. Only when he picked it up , he missed the signal and got hit by a truck.”

Only if it weren’t the conditions then Balthazar could tell , but he knew who’s call was it. And now all that was filled in him and all that drained out of him was guilt. Only of he didn’t. Only if he weren’t. Only if he couldn’t.

The next few days were worse and worser. The only person , Balthazar could ever connect to , Balthazar could ever relate to was gone. Every single morning the smiling face , every single night the wink and waive , every day that laughing face , now just vanished. He started missing school hours , his diet was interrupted. His interests , his disinterests , his hobbies his life as if got a big hault from the back . And everything that was clear untill , now turned glimsy.

All that he did was kept staring the sunset and waiting for the dusk. One day , Stephen walked besides him , and took a seat. So what do you keep staring at , there is definately no one up there waiting for you.

However Balthazar gave no answer.

“Hey kid , I know you have been through a lot , but this is not a way to face it . Your mother , your sister everyone’s worried now. We all are here for you , you don’t need to keep that pain to yourself. Just let go. This is not how a steel faces it.”

Balthazar didn’t reply , but somewhere the bitterness of his tongue showed symtoms over his and his father understood his disapproval of understanding. So Stephen walked away.

The next day a new morning rose . The sun got up all fierce and in blaze , but yet maybe it was the night or maybe the time that was yet off its colours. While everyone was awake , the leader was still lying on his bed , all pale all white. Only when the assistant walked into the room after the schedule and noticed , he found out. Mrs Steel and Tifanny were so deep into the wound that they couldn’t believe what was up upon the STEELS . They kept waiting for him to wake up , but they knew , he was not going to wake up. 

But there wasn’t one person who felt the pain as Balthazar . To him it was like life snatched everything of him in just a few seconds.. He sat there and screamed , screamed like he never did before and just the echo of that scream went faint and faint and fainter as he got back to the edge of the cliff he was upon starring into the dusk as the red went blue.

He opened up a letter , he believed was addressed to him as last words by his father.

“Dear son

I know I should have told you and others , but I don’t believe that there is much time left. The world is already running and rushing to its orbit and I bilieve it would have passed a long way off its limits , when you receive this letter , but stiil I wanted you to have this last conversation. 

I know you don’t think that my strict and unbending nature is what this name and this family has given to me , but that’s not the truth . The truth is it is you, and the fear to loose you that has made me , and who I am today. I know I wasn’t there to see you take your first steps , or two see you go to school for the first time , but I was there to see you run and render the academics useless. Because I believe that you are much more special and very powerful then any of us. I fear Balthazar that you might get lost . And it is not the darkness that I fear will swallow you up into the rising dusk , but the blazing Inferno you will loose yourself to , because it’s not the dark that fears me , but the fire. Choose your way wisely.



And with tears in his eyes , he crushes the paper in his hand.

“You are too late dad , I am already down to ashes “.

He rose up , closed his eyes , just as a few saline, sorrows dropped down his cheek, and with a swift breeze , he creeks in his stumbling voice , raisin his leg up in the air and into the void

“I quit”.

…………………..To Be Continued……………….

Where the world begins