The Banyan-Story-2-Chapter-3-“Joke’s on you dude”

“How’s the coffee?”, asked the lady in her mid 40s with a very vague outlook and no accessories at all. Frankly speaking , I wasn’t use to watching women without apparels. Even on the warmest days when sun was all nuked up , mum still kept clinged on to her ivory beads and all the other stuff , she said it makes your belief , your conviction. That is her only superstition I believed in.

“It’s good”, I replied.

“Well you don’t have to be modest , I got it from the Casper’s Café.”, Dr. Fitz said .

“I don’t really think I should be allowed to drink any coffee in anxiety and stuff”, I said.

“Why , do you think it’s anxiety that you feel?”

“I thought you would tell me.”

“I don’t know Chris , I am all on blinds here , and you seem to be doing fine !”

“Yeah , I am , I think I am fine”

” So, you wanna talk about what happened last night?”

“Well it wasn’t anything new and I believe that’s where it gets quite worrying. ”

“You saw the road again?”

“The same one. There was a bright sun , all green and some dried meadow , a curve along the coutryside . It felt like a soothing sunday but looked like a burning monday, and then suddenly everything felt so big and overpowering and as if the night crawled in , and , and….”.

“And you screamed and then stopped breathing. ”

“I didn’t wake up”

“This is the third time now Chris and its ok to be afraid . But you are taking too much of it on yourself alone. The only reason why you are having these fits is because you are hiding something or some part of you that wants to show itself. You can bottle up thoughts not personalities . It’s ok to be afraid , but it’s not to be afraid of fear itself . Did you take the prescription?”


“Make it regular. And try blending in”

“I do have friends and probably a really big bunch of people around me”

“It doesn’t matter if none of those can get through you. ” and by those last words another one of the mondays saw the worst of its days.


As i grabbed my bag and wisped out of doc’s office I had this strange feeling in my gut about something . Something that usually is not a part of me . The thoughts took a shake and after a few minutes of wriggling and hopping up and down , my mind brain finally fixiated itself to a picture of last night’s. I was walking back through the streets and in the dark , wondering what if there was no light afterall , would we ever try to make any? And a couple of other humanitarian and scientific philosophies before I reached my corner of the world as I see it and with ‘the pillow ‘ as my crown I went surfing my seven seas. Hour after hour , minute after minute , it felt warmer , darker and then suddenly the sun broke out. I saw the light more than I felt it . But my dreams stopped me from being awake. Suddenly Ellise came running into my room and started jumping over my gut , 

“Wake up , morning’s here. The morning’s gonna get upset Chris , wake up.”, She kept screaming , and I kept listening , but none did follow after every moving second , neither did I woke up , nor did she stopped screaming.

“Mum , chris won’t wake up”, she shouted , just as Dad came running into the room and followed him the worried , terrorized figure.

“He’s dreaming again , go get the needle. ” , Said Dad , calmed as water , but worried as wind.

The needle followed and in minutes ,I started soaking up as much air as I could and now , I have to get back to my house to face the same people and explain to them everything. And I was so tired of doing it , that I choose to change my plans for the dumbest reason there could be.

Suddenly the two satans show up on the roadside , riding on a jeep. 

“Buzz got a new buzz bro , and this baby is as good as never before. ” , screamed Mike with his pitchfork voice.

“And you got that for free?”, i asked knowing the answer.

“Dude , everyone deserves to be happy , and we ain’t the genius typos , you can earn shit like this man , we got nothin ” , said Buzz almost gullable. I threw my bag in and jumped in myself.

“So where to?”, I asked.

“There’s a nightparty just by the corner , and I don’t think we need an invitation.”

“Alright then , up – up and away”, and the jeep thrusted the metal to make smoke and then thrusted the smoke, to stick to metal.

Suddenly out of the story

 And merrry christmassssss!!!

Christmas was 3 days ago Past.

What !!!! And his jaw like branches dropped to ground .

Whyyyyy , why in the name of bananas would they prepone christmas. You know what I am gonna sue the pope.

Well they didn’t prepone it , you just missed it and the pope doesn’t decide the Christmas.

Yeah alright catholic geek! Enough of the bible-talk , I might have missed Christmas , but I am not missing new year.

Yeah , so at the party , what happened then.

What party , where’s party , you wanna party , let’s party …….and disco lights start rolling with 40s rock beats.

The story Past , ..and all the disco lights were out

You are no fun!

Yeah well I am 17 and believe me , you don’t wanna know how fun exactly I am when I don’t get to complete a story due to natural causes , terms and conditions applied.

Alright the story……

The story continues.

The music kept twinching as a sharp needle , tbe windows were rocked as devil’s knell and party was blooming with all the 15teens to 17teens .

“So you are the Shelby geeks “, said the 17 year old host of the scene and the talk of the Lavendale’s High school Phoebe Thatcher , or as most people new her , the english brainstorm.

“Yes ma’am” , said Buzz all drunk.

“And you must be Christopher , the guy who knows numbers ”

And suddenly Mike turns in ” Well what can I say he has a lot to learn , anyway I am Michael Brown ,you can call me Mike”

“I think I have seen you somewhere”

“You must have I am quite popular here”

“Ah! Yes you were the guy who is afraid of ducks , yeah right you fainted at the farmhouse visit in mid school”

And me and Buzz broke into a burst of laughter while Mike kept standing and Phoebe went away.And after a few minutes he turned back.

“Yeah , she’s funny I like it ”

“The joke’s on you dude!”, I said and then kept laughing untill Mike slowly took his walk of shame.

****************To be continued****************


The Banyan-Story-2-Chapter-2-“You got a pen!”

Life’s always gonna be strange the way it is. It is gonna be quiet sometimes , a little harsh sometimes , pretty and beautiful for those who can see it , but what’s most consistent trait of it is that it’s gonna be a monopoly of the rich and the affluent. If you think I am some great socialist type of wierdo , then no I am not , and if you think by rich I mean the coats and boots then you are no socialist either . For all I know I am just a teenager who likes mathematics and thinks a lot of bullshit   and for all I believe you are just another guy who thinks Queen Elizabeth is the President of America. So all in all I am a very hard person to deal with , yet I manage to keep a few mates , but what did I know of what contracts did I sign before I found myself in the life of Chistopher Curry .

“I don’t think so  ” , replied she with a smiling emoji.

Wow now that’s great I might as well call the guiness , and the Noble authorities , I just proved a theory. So as a matter of fact people do behave strangely but in a definite way. That does prove that we were put together in a global village for a reason. And then I realised I was yawing in glee on an empty street at 11 at night with a dog starring at me. 

“So as a matter of fact the great Miya Chester is a real person , I do not believe you talked to strangers “, and I hit the send button like I wanna crack the temper and deliver it myself.

“In flesh and bones . And ‘strangers’ , that’s quite fancy for a math-is-love-of-my-life kinda guy , is that what you call every random person you text.”, She replied
“Well not exactly , but you can keep it if you like it. And by the way math is my love , whaaaaaaaaat this doesn’t sound like the Shelby High’s writing panel’s invention.”

Flashed out of the story back to the graveyard

Wait wait wait what is Shelby High’s writing panel?? 

Its a literary club at Shelby Town High school

What’s a literary club

Its like a sports club or science club except that its filled with writers and poets.

What’s Shelby Town

It’s a paper town in …

What’s a paper town

Look I think you got a much prettier and smart looking face than you really are at the top of the building.

Thank you.

That’s not a compliment

Oh , well then sorry.

So as I was saying…….

Back into the story….

“Yeah I know but it’s catchy , I mean the whiskers went crazy taking up on all the smart ones.”

“I knew it . Danny was the one wasn’t he . He seriously thinks that football is like the only think that keeps the Shelby going , by the way great move there calling nerds the smart ones”

” XD XD , I know but I didn’t wanna say it . Anyway its not like the Whiskers won any leagues so far. They still got their independence day speech ready. I mean one day , shall come when the wind shall rize…..”she was typing yet , I interrupted,

“And blow their pants off , so that the world shall witness the greatness of Danny White and his sidekicks”I hit send.

” XD XD XD ” , she replied.

“When exactly did we meet ?”, I asked

“I don’t know must be the Miss Catherine Sunday special on the American Civil War”she replied

“Yeah I remember . You were there because of Rosie and we were there for Miss Catherine. Oh Miss Catherine……. “I texted.

“XD XD XD”she replied.

“Like seriously we went crazy for those extra classes . I even failed the history minors to get into those classes.”I texted.

“Anyway she married last winter”she replied

“And I believe that’s what caused the japenese tsunami”I texted.

“XD XD , And one more thing”She texted.

“What ????”I asked curiously.

“She is my Aunt”she replied.

“Which reminds , that she is a very honourable and respectful lady and we all mean very well to her in her married journey . Respectfully.” I typed as I stumbled my way down the roadside rock , which I found quite cinematic.

” XD XD XD , I believe that’s too much respect for her to handle in a day, well you know what they say if respect for a lady was to be measured in length it would not be the the length of her hairs nor her smile but the length of her heel .”

” Being a mathematician I found that information quite useful but I wish I never get to use it. “, And I was all plummed.

” XD XD , Anyways she did say she found that brown hair guy quite cute”she texted

“Really ???????” I skipped a beat.

” No she thinks you are all a bunch of nerds.” And with she did quite slammed it on my face. 

“Damn…. !!”


“So anyway you reply to anyone who just says hi”. I asked.

” Well no and you didn’t say a high ” she replied.

“Yeah so that’s the recipe of how you get Miss I ain’t got nobody to talk” I texted

“Maybe but its not like I got nobody” she replied.

“No no no I mean like people you talk to , like I got Mike and Buzz , like someone you can spill out everything ”

“Well I got a pen ”

” A pen you say . So just like I got friends to talk to , You got a pen . Enlighten me. ”

“Well it’s no different you know . Your life and mine or anyone else. It’s like we all do the same thing over and over again and then do what someone else does ,all the time ,for a change. Its not like changing the sheet on your matress will give you a new matress but , it makes you feel new. Your friends are very similiar to my pen. Except that you talk to each other in expressions more than language , I talk to my pen in words and stories. Except that you tell each other everything , I tell my pen only what’s rhyming. And everytime I feel I gotta get a change , I start a fresh page , just like you get a new conversation. But only you might let go off your friends . But I might never let go off my pen .

“Indeed . You writers seriously know how to crack it open .”I replied

“Anyway I think I have walked enough at empty streets and I even lost my way , so If you’ll excuse , I must find my house , before anyone thinks I am a crook. ”


” Yeah bye !”

And with that one sent I found myself around 5 blocks away from my rendezvous. 

“And miles to go before I sleep , and miles to go before I sleep ” , I said to myself as I walked past a howling pack.

****************To Be Continued*****************

The Banyan-Story-2-Chapter-1-“A Beginning in the End”

The night was dark , and the mist was freezing and so was the sound of the graveyard that made it a perfect set for a 1940 horror classic if he wasn’t there. Far away , amidst all the terrors stood the banyan waiving and dancing , covered in all lights of all colours and spectra . 

“Past , what the hell are you doing?”, Said me as I approached the goddamn million year old storyteller.

“Aaah my favourite guy at my favourite time of the year , don’t you look adorable on the eve of christmas.” And he kept dancing.

Well first of all I am in sweatpants and haven’t shaved in like a decade or something and secondly christmas is like next month or something”

“So you mean christmas is late?” And I believed what should have been his jaw , just dropped down.

“No , what I mean is that you are out of your mind in your late millions”

“Well you can’t blame me you know , it’s not like I get to celebrate christmas with some real person every year”

“Wait a minute , you don’t expect me to hang around untill the next month do you?”

“Well I thought that maybe we can hangout this one time you know ,two bros chilling out together”

“In the middle of the graveyard , amidst the mist on the darkest evening of the year, sounds great!,I said with best of my sarcasm, and started finding my way out.

“I’ll tell you a story”

And suddenly I was all ears. “I am listening “,I said.

“It has got some great characters , it has got some great plots , an amazing turn of events and some really great lines”

“Well I do like great lines , and maybe I could stay for a while , but it better be interesting .”

Well you know how they say , variety is the spice of life and you can’t taste all of it at once but must work your way up through the gates of life. But is it really true. Some freakish gate of life may exist but does it need to have just a gate. Maybe one guy has been struck to the same question and maybe he did find some answers .Whether a life is a road or just a gate , it still is a big question but whether to live or die has been a simple choice for everyone , yet we seek reasons to live every single day . We eat a bunch of calories , we fill ourselves up with all the zest to be lost at some tinshed or a cubical. We see a bunch of people , we meet a bunch of others and ignore a thousand others walking by their side. Maybe it was supposed supposed to be all different . Maybe god put us all in one place for a reason , and that couldn’t be to walk past the other. Maybe their was a guy who believed in a path or more accurately paths , paths where hundreds of strangers cross your path and the other hundred cross your heart. His name was Christopher Cury and this is his story…..

The clouds were grimm and so was the flora around . There stood at the corner of the alley an old guy that I never saw and he was weeping. At the back of my row stood the young couple , a man with no moustache and lady with a sour face and I didn’t know them either. It wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy a funeral with me standing with an umbrella on my head in the middle of people in black and people I didn’t know. I just thought it was too dramatic , even for me , specially when I am not sure whether they are yelling at god or me.

“Oh christ!!!!!! ” , Shouted an old lady behind Christopher’s shoulders ,”Such a great lad he was , made his father proud , made us all proud , and now god took him away “, and just as I wished to say I am sure he was she yelled again”Oh christ!!! , what possibly could be the reason you took him away?”
And out of no personal grudge my curiosity took the statement quiet seriously and shouted quite too loud

“He was 95!” , as I said the whole croud started starring at me like I killed him and for the love of god the lady suddenly vanished . So I choose to be young and wronged rather than being young and dead , and I ran for my life which actually does describe the story of my life. 

On my way back home I had many thoughts beaming up the top floor of my overpeculiar state of intellectuality. Why do people care so much if the other is gone. Not like they don’t see it coming. I mean everyone goes away sometimes and there are like millions of people around so its not like someone’s very special . Yet people prefer to stop talking slowly and forget each other with the pace of time rather than talking for the sake of interest and when the spark’s gone , bidding farewell. And the problem wasn’t just with the leaving stuff. People are too damn afraid to talk . They won’t talk to their neighbours , they won’t talk to their classmates , their fellowmates , their family and strangers were yet a long way to go . And a bunch of others who do like to talk , are creepy as hell , and that’s still modest. And just as the string of thoughts were to find the hook , the door opened. .

“Hey honey , how was it?” Asked the only person in the world who cared whether i wear i wore black or blue ,whether I combed my hair or not and whether I pray before sleep or not .

“It was a funeral mum , someone died” and I walked passed her through the door.

“So was any of your friends there , did they serve good food , and you did tell them why I couldn’t attend right?”

“No , I didn’t eat , and no they didn’t ask , they had enough people to cry for Dr. Rodriguez”

“Alright then you can freshen up and I might cook something. Your father will be back with Ellise tommorow.”

“Thanks mum , you are the best ” and I went trembling up to my room.

The rest of the night went as it always does. I ate my dinner with earphones dug deep in my ears , listening to how industrial revolution changed England as my mother kept talking knowing , that I wasn’t listening.Maybe ignorance is actually a bliss.

And with all the food finished I decided to go on a walk because at the end of the day , that’s what we all do all our life ,we keep walking in the dark in round and round circles , hoping to find something new . And maybe I wished to make a tangent off it. As I browsed through my social network I found a strange contact up the top online , someone I never ever talked to . I was no animal to my own preaching but a little bit of human at making choices. Anyway I did what actually did made a difference I texted-

“Isn’t it a sin to have someone in your friendlist and not message him?”

The green went gloomy and she offline , I thought , just as I thought that maybe my thoughts do are actually just as useless as a last name to a person , just as I thought I witnessed a beginning to the end ,suddenly the phone beeped , the lights went on and…………………..

…………………….To Be Continued……………….

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The Inchtape (an excerpt from The Half Past Destiny)

We all have our glorious , bright , sunny days , but only the childhood speaks the most amazing rainy day stories , and there I was struck in one of mine . I sat on the third llast , two seater ,with my chin all settled on the margin of the window that kept open ,unlike the others ,  and kept sprinkling the rain drops and droplets on my skinny face like , saffron on milk. Suddenly a hand rushed to my shoulder clinched to my shirt and pulled me over in a haste and shuts close the window , like a monday morning.

“You will get sick , this rain is not good , its the first one ” , said Prakhar in a deep , childish voice , as he closed his book.

I wished to ask him why , I mean I always did ask a why , and then another , and a number whyz untill I annoythe person right next to me , but this was Prakhar , and I knew he was the only one capable who had the patience and the brains to answer them all. He was a smart one. They are all smart , i mean the ones by my side. No matter when or where I have been in the story of my life , I have always had the smart one by my side , I don’t know why , but they always stuck by my side . Some who withered with the pace of time got replaced by sharper ones . I guess it was god’s way to tell me that not everyone who is better needs to be the best , and no one is good enough to have the best story . But no matter how much you are interested in someone’s story , you always wish to write down your own, and just thinking of a few more useless things the 7 year old tiny devil puts his face back on the window margin ,but this time the windows were closed ,and all that I saw was a dull and dusty window . Those dayswere pretty simple . My father used to wake me up and get brushed by offeering me a candy as bait , my mother use to bathe me and dress me , (like a bait) , my sister use to tie my shoelaces and walk me to the bus stand , and Prakhar use to save me a seat by the window. In short life was just getting started. The school was pretty crazy . It was the first convent that I had ever seen and I hated it. And now when I recall , I actually hated all of the schools that I have ever been to , except the first one , mostly because I hardlly paid it any visit. We had different buildings for junior and senior section . One can see it as hell and heaven respectively , separated by a 5-star canteen , that as any other canteen , sold patees . So as any other day I sat in my class , well technically others sat , I started running and playing in my class , the bell rang, the class teacher came in ,(who happened to be nun , because its a great idea to send a nun amongst the only creatures that she hated so much that she accepted baptism just to get rid of them) she beats the crap out of me , I sat back on my seat , the classes begun , I again forgot to do my homework( I didn’t forgot actually) ,and just as the teacher is about to begin her screaming ,my sister enters who happen to have done it for me in the worst handwriting she could ,but everyone knows no one can beat me in bad handwriting. Anyway the teacher gets fooled easily , because , she is a primary teacher , and I give my fellow backbechers the stud face look and make it through the whole day at Holy Angels Convent School , Muzaffarnagar or as I wrote on all my name slips and notebooks HACS . Finally we were back into the same old blue bus that was no less than a vanity van for most of us . We al had our daily chores in the departing session. The 9th and 7th graders stood up on the last bench with their ties on their head and started dancing to the dhum dhum dhu dhum dhadiaya reee , sabse bde ladaiya ree Rajinder bhaiya…..

Who happened to be the bus conductor and apparently the simplest man in his 60s. The 5th graders occupied the benches in the lobby and front rows and kept fighting about the fighter planes and some cartoon shows . Prakhar sat with Shivam who was  a 4th grader and had a bunch of ghost stories that Prakhar liked . However I parted my ways from him there , cause A) Ghost stories are dumb and B) They scare me like hell.  Rather I sat besides my sister , and not by the window , the reason being simple , she was 8 years elder and she loved windows. Anyway , bent on my sides , with the bag in her lap as my pillow , and she kepther hankerchief on my face , and I found a much better personal window. The way to home was quite long , but with the wheels rolling on the longest road in the country , the journey was smooth. We reached home all tired (and me acting tired) , my sister use to tell father about all her excellent grades and I use to think ways to hide my just passed in english news. However all my work was eased as my mother use to pick out the diary from my bag and look out for reports and homeworks . That day i was assigned no homework but to find out my height. Unlike the high end childhood they show on televisions , we didn’t have a height chart on our walls . For us “you’ve grown ” , and “you are not growing” were the SI units of height and weight measurement. But my father being an engineer always had a solution , or atleast he thought so. He asked my mother to take out the inch tape she had got in her tapestry classes and there was the moment.

It was 9 in the morning ,  I came back from the club after hours of snooker and tennis, as my body soaked wet in sweat , I just like many of my once in a month workouts decided to measure my biceps . Even though I knew it would have been much simpler for me if I divided my arm’s avg mass by the typical bone density and then redivided it by one third of the product of the length of my arm, and the ratio constant of circumference to diameter of a regular circle , and then take the cube root of the results on cartesian plane. But instead I went to search for something green that I knew would help me. I swung open the drawers , digged into it , and found the green momento. I flung it open , but now , my motives were different. I place one end under my toes and stretch it far. But the inch tape that once covered me in lengths ,now only reached my waists. I don’t exactly remember what emotion I felt at that moment , but what I know for sure is that I outgrew my childhood long time before that point , and I didn’t even got a chance to say goodbye.

An open door !( Excerpt from The Half Past Destiny)

Imaginative , maybe a bit , tinkering yes , but more than anything I think I was inquisitive . Too curious about the plants and the flowers , too keen to know how the sun rises and sets , but above all , what I wished to know was the people , my people and other people , and every kind of people that existed in any corner of the world . I wish I had a better start . I was 6 when I had to leave the place that I knew was the boundary of the seven realms of reality and my imagination. I did hear stories from my father . He and I , we were quite close back then you know. Just like every son and father are, untill they realize that only one man can make a decision and none can follow.We used to sit in the verandah after dinner on the four legged wooden flat , it was crooked at the edges , but nothing ever felt more comforting ever since. He used to sit on it in his usual white kurta , with his legs folded cross and I use to jump between them and find my royal seat . Then as the sinisters rose and night turns dark the jackals would start their treck in the woods that stretched infront of our house onthe other side of the large fields. He would scare me saying that one of them is a lion and he is hunting for preys , and I would start sinking closer to him . A frightened cub I was . He would tell me all the folk stories that he knew , mostly the same one , not that he knew just one , but more because I insisted . He use to begin with the story of the wolves who would howl at night to let people know its time for their duties and end with the story of the king who hunted a hen , however he hunted the hen or the hen hunted him is still a mystery. He would always start snoaring in the end and act as if he is too tired of working . I knew he wasn’t , he never gets tired of me , that was his thing , where all parents tell their children stories as many as they could , my father told me just one , and then listened to a hundred of mine . I wonder if he saw a younger him in me. My sister use to tell me all she knew of his childhood , even though he talks very less of it . My father was raised by his grandfather , ‘baba’ , he called him , as I call my grandfather. According to my father he was the proudiest and the most open hearted man he ever saw , however he will need a whole new chapter for description , so maybe other time. I do find things common between me and my father . Not like my mother ofcourse. She would trace my whole morphology to be inherited by someone or the other in my family , and sometimes to others’ . All in all she is one hell of a superstitious lady , but never agrees to it. Anyway as the trails of the story came to an end and I began to smother my eyes , he would lift me on his shoulders and bring me in and as we would get in , my mother would shout out loud as hard as she could “Bolt the doors please , it’s not safe outside ” .
Suddenly , I was back to my senses , the present was now , I sat on my reading chair with a book in my hand as the light ,from the street lamp entered the window , with no curtains , and got lost on this glittery but wrinkled face as she said ” It’s 11 now , Shivansh , I know your studies are important , but , it’s not safe outside , you’d better close the door . And please get some sleep , it’s not good for your health to push yourself so hard and stay awake for  so many days. Some times you would sleep all day and the other times , you turn into a ghost…..” , even though I knew she wouldn’t stop talking , I wanted her not to . So many years it has been , but still feels like yesterday , and it’s all because of her . Sometimes I would wonder , what is that notorious creature that she is so scared of. What is that thing ,that she fears , maybe it’s the person who comes at night to steal the gold, or maybe its the jackals that come at night to steal the infants , or maybe it’s the whole world , that she thinks is too envious of her children , whatever it is , it’s out there , and all that stands between them and me is an open door……..

Arthur-Season-1-Case-1D-Intuition in Blind-A Consulting Detective

13 hours ago, at Scotland Yard

Jones kept walking up and down the aisle, while the sour thread of depravity across the pitch black forehead made you realize the gravity of the situation.

“The wind is getting thinner and thinner , minute by minute , second by second . All I depend upon is just you . They said you were good with interrogation thing . Well then you got your thing here Watson.”, Said Jones in a deep but trembling voice.

“He’s a kid , thirteen maybe. I got what it needs to tackle the enemy not tickle some gum out of a toddler’s belly”, mumbled Watson.

“Well then this ain’t no war you get it” , walked Jones in slow steps towards Watson raising his tone , decibal by decibal.”This is your shit . Get it done or you can go back to your little hut in Afghanistan.”

The words were as sharp as a needle but no-one except Miss Watson to burden it on her ego. She smashes the door right onto Jones face . The next thing you know is that she smashes a another door ,this time to open the one with the boy sitting on a chair.

“So Tobias is it , what did you see at the sight.” , And she kept a tone of aggression and didn’t plan to ease it anyway. The kid maintained the silence of the room.”Do you know what happens if you keep quiet for too long in this room.Do you really wanna find out.” ,  this time the boy takes a back with an expression of terror on his face. “Don’t test my patience , and tell me what I want to know” .

And suddenly the doctor raises on her “Get back Watson , you are scaring him “, screamed the lady with a white coat on , blonde curles and a golden namebadge that said Dr Camilia Mereau Forensics Dep.

Natalia gave a glancing look to Camilia and then around and finally took a few steps back and then went out of the room tottering.

“It’s alright Tobias , she is just as scared as you are , she just doesn’t know how to express it very well. You can tell us about it when you wish , alright” said Camilia to the little fella.

Presently at the Museum , Baker Street…

“I don’t get , why do you want me to help you?” Arnold asked , “or maybe a better question , why should I help you ?”

“Well for starters , cause I didn’t kill you , and I promise not to in the near future ” , and Natalia finishes her sentence with a fake big smile.

“Well technically you were about to kill me and even more technically you can’t kill him you see cause you don’t have any bullets and you don’t get any untill and unless you sign a requirement receipt with reason behind every single fired bullet.” Said Syndia as she suddenly appears beside Arnold.

“You were listening to all of it?” ,Asked Arnold.

“Hey this ain’t no story , how can a person not hear two people talking from 10 feet specially when they are so loud.” Answered Syndia.

“So you in?, Or not”asked Natalia but without waiting for even a minute she baffled” Oh screw it , I ‘ll handle it myself ” , and holding up her gown she sprints away in the dark.

The two in the museum stared at each other, then finally Syndia breaks the silence “Remember that thing about not getting in trouble, yeah well that’s crap , cause its London. If you don’t get into trouble , you actually never got into London. Now go get her.” , And Arnold plunged on for his cardigan and ran outside.

Natalia stood by the side of the road , waiving for a cab but none seem to stop for queen Elizabeth. Suddenly one cab stopped right infront of her with a man at the window seat opening the doors for the lady. “Come in malady , the prince is waiting” said Arnold in the gesture of sarcasm. No matter how furious Natalia took her chances and went into the cab to summon to the crime scene.

For a distance Arnold maintained peace and so did Watson. After a while , Arnold digs through his pockets took out a bubblegum and start chewing. Suddenly he blows a bubble and pops it with a noise that filled Natalia with disgust. 

“Okay , that’s enough , I just don’t get , not a single logic ” ,screams Watson and Arnold interrupts “Hey, I had only one of it “, 

“Alright this is despicably unexplainable. This is just as nausiating as shit. You explain stuff like you have planned all of it , you look like a part time circus whack from 1800s and you blow up gum in a cab and above all how do you know I was in Afghanistan.How do you know of the bullets ?”

” Pretty easy ” ,he says as he keeps chewing his gum , “But what bothers me is I know you were army , I know you were in Afghanistan RLC squadron 6th , I know you have a rich family, but you don’t loathe on them , yet your biggest query is ‘how do you know’ rather than ‘I wanna kill you’ “,

Believe me killing you is still on the desk”, answered Natalia.

“Well then let’s start from the simple one. The bullets. The first sign of you not having the bullets were you aiming at Syndia . Well if you expect to aim and talk, you don’t aim at someone rightway , holding aim that way for as long as a conversation gives loss in precission , the next step was simple . Checking your hands . Just the moment you keep your next hand on table I went bingo. You had bullet greeze on your hand that too spread like it happens if you press a glass too hard , that will say a party , a ball or from the dress and time my best shot would be a masquerade, and ofcourse confirmed the unloading theory. Now coming to the Afghanistan case. You see if you were a normal police officer , you would use a Glock -27 pistol but no , you had a M-9 Beretta pistol . So an army person. The barrelhole had quite a few crossmarks , that did mean you used it as your primary , so definitely not a field person , so anywhere between an afterfield to logistics.Then I go for the gripmarks , astonishingly you had all kind of fingerprints on either side of the pistol , but the left one’s firm , so you should have been lefty ,but the in the bus you use the right one to hold on to the book ,at the reader you use the right hand to scan the card , at the subway you use the right hand to lay your supports onto the railing. So not a lefty , rather you had better equipments in the right hand , so a tech ofcourse in right with a firm grip of high callibers in left , definitely an RLC -6th soldier . And where did a RLC would get a wristline tan but no face tan . Definitely a place where you keep your heads covered but not your hands . So that narrowed it down to Sri Lanka or Afghanistan , but more to Afghanistan , you know , cause its Afghanistan.”, And that cab hunches with the brakes.

“You are a freak you know that? , What do people call people like you?”Watson asked.

“I don’t know , Consulting Detective maybe?”answered Arnold as he moved out of the cab.

Both of them stood together on the peddlestone and faced the crowd right up at the Shelstrope’s. Suddenly as if the time stopped ticking the wind took its pace to the 5th dimension of space. And the shadow of the man in a moustache in the check long coat and the cigar was right there in the corner of the cab as Arnold could see.

***************To be Continued***************

Arthur-Season-1-Case-1C-Intuition in blind-Sri Lanka or Afghanistan?

At the Museum-

“Ok dumbshow , if you hold your breath for just one more minute , I swear I am gonna strike her as well as your head off “, said Natalia brandishing the gun in her english gown.

“You won’t” , smiled Arnold.

“You think I am bluffing?”, Severed Natalia.

“No, sweetbeans , I know you are bluffing , cause you already emptied your cartidge and I don’t think that this service pistol of yours is any good without bullets.”,and Arnold kept smiling, and gently took the gun from Natalia as she stood stunned.

“How the hell could you possibly know that ?”, Asked Natalia.

“Well let’s start from the beginning shall we . ” , And the scene goes into a flashback . 

So , you got up on the bus at Camden street , got to the second last seat , besides a teenager , even though when there was a seat on the windowside at the thirdlast slot in the same row , that would say that you were looking for a place to avoid both the wind and chit chat from some tourist , cause no teenager would sit alone on a window if he were visiting London , this made pretty clear that either you were about to read a book or onto some really nasty gossip with a friend on your smartphone , but then you got a orange book out of your bag , torn at the edge , palish in hue that narrowed it down to two possibilities , either you borrowed it from someone or its your favourite old collection item , but then you start the book from the highlights and critic review at the backcover , that you borrowed it , now , you open up the contents and rather than reading it you pick out your smartphone and then without making more than just a click you keep it back , that tells you are either waiting for someone’s message/call or just checking if your boss got some news for you , but then you start querring about something like busbooking to the teen , that means you are new to london and it was the boss’ update you were waiting for . Now you start with the first page but don’t get to the second , before 20 minutes. Now an average reader would take 3 to 5 mins max to read the first page , but you no , that says you were convinced to read it , by a friend , family or doctor. You are new to london so no to family , no friend would suggest a book in a bus , but sightseing , so its a doc. Let’s say a psychiatrist. So that makes you a traumatized 32 years old, new to london , and new , civillian tech. So you are an army retired , now what do army retired do the most in the free time , well they doubt. So I gave you something to doubt and that was me.” Arnold paused to let it sink in as he went through the whole flash back in one breathe.

Why the hell did you do that” confused and stupefied Watson asks Arnold.

Well I was bored, so back to flash back, …. 

You went down at Stop D and you had the smartphone and book in both of your hand so how to scan the card on the reader to check out , if it were someone else , he / she would keep smartphone in the pocket but not you , you keep your phone on vibrate , cause you don’t like tinks and rings , so you keep the book down and scan the card and as soon as you keep the card back you have already kept back one thing in your pocket and one in hand so you were mostly to forget book and you did . I grabbed on to it and well leaped through some fast steps to make you doubt me again. Then at the subway you just entered dark right from the bright sun well i had a hat , but you barely had anything , so i took my chances and offered you a seat”, and suddenly Watson as if fell into an endless well of darkness . All the pieces came fastening up with all the blood pumping into her brain. 

It was you to offer me the seat , but you took off the the cardigan , and I barely saw the face , but the voice . Holy mother of god , and that crying , there was this infant , he had the baloons . Oh my god ! It was right infront of me” and Natalia as if lost the conscious of her knees.

“Well that part was easier after it you know I just stood there , pretend to notice you were following me , then  just as you turned , went to the street side , turned my cardigan upside done and took the hat off and suddenly you thought I vanished , ta daaaa”, and Arnold rolled the gun in his fingers and gave it back to her .

Natalia was still figuring out how to sink into the most unpractical yet happening scenarios of the screenplay she has gotten herself into.

“So what was it Sri Lanka or Afghanistan?” , Asked Arnold looking at the window , but referring to Watson.

Natalia as if about to fall apart , says it all loud and squeky “What in god’s name are you?”

“Well not very proud to say so but the name’s Arnold Strange and the address is 221B Baker Street”, and Arnold goofs with the smile.”But for more important concerns , there is some important texts I believe that you have regarding your case , maybe something regarding the masquerade party..” and Watson reaches for her phone in the back dress to see the message-

The crown is down , the city’s in trouble

-DSU Jones

The ‘Strange revelations ‘, were breathholding but this piece of text took the life out of Watson.

5 hours ago at Scotland Yard

The wind has never been so thick at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters as it was with the intuition case. A 13 tear old kid Tremmer Tobias was predicting the death of people right before they were reported. The whole department was in terror and so was the Vincent Force. 

“I don’t get , it , I didn’t sign this job for this shit . This is not some trouble , its one hell of a scary Harry Potter movie. “, Said Jones smacking his head on the wall.”For all we know it could be anyone , anywhere and all we could do is just sit hands on hands thinking of an excuse to the freaking media. I can’t take this. I want each one of you on this . Now get your arses off the chairs and on the case.” And by the furious letters Jones made all the pips jump of the table and on the case.

Suddenly Camilia came in running and smashed the door open 

“The boy knows of the third murder, It’s a retired colonel. At the Arms and the Man masquerade . It’s a charity fund ” , the forensic expert almost sprinted through her words.

“Bring Nat in , she has got some work to do”said Jones.

1 hour ago at the Masquerade on Park Road

“I hate this , and the hell I hate the heels , I simply hate the fuss” mumbled Watson in the microphone.

“You took one for the team Nat , now don’t piss me off we want this killer and we want it anyhow” said Jones from other end.

Natalia slides into the party with her hats up in the beautiful Elizabethan black gown with a classic hat and a classy pair of masks. She swifts throgh people talk to many trying to find anything suspective but yet can find none.

“Oh my days at the front , only if we had the beer and scotch of those dusty sands , I would happily puke to death rather than drinking this wine” said one old brat in the crowd.

“It must have been a sporty past you had with the arms and the men I guess”, Natalia played along.

“Well aren’t you a beauty , why don’t I buy you a real drink , wait for me ” , and the colonel went dancing down the aisle, when suddenly Natalia notices something that took all of her mind of the masquerade. She saw a guy shouldering an old man in 70s to the street side , drunk and babling. But what strikes her the most are the shoes. She remembers those shoes and she knew it is the guy from the subway , the one that vanished in the middle of the street . She forgot the drink and ran for the boy.

Presently at the museum

“Alright I don’t how or what did you just do now . I don’t how did you know about Afghanistan , but if you are doing this the way you just said you do it , then I want you to help me out with this one.” Said Natalia breathing heavily.

“What exactly happened?” Asked Arnold.

“You heard of the two recent tourist murders?”

“Yes , everyone has.”

“There has been a third one , a Colonel, and I want you to help me find the suspect” and Natalia grazes into Arnolds eyes as he breaks into a stun.

***************To be continued**************

Where the world begins