The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter 3-“Gears of Friction”

What do you infer when I say ‘friction’? Some might say ‘heat’ , some would say ‘pain’ , but to the steels , friction was not that negative. To them friction was something they came across every day, every minute and every second . According to the head steel , friction was something that bound them all , friends with families and families with love . Every single person was very respectable of every syllable that rhymed off the old man’s lips , except one.

“Hey , Balthazar , hey listen , .. ” , said a voice running behind Balthazar in navy blue pants and white formal shirt , with the tie , roped around his neck as if mors’ knot of death. His uniform ironed so neat , that the corners and edges came out of their pre-existing dimensions to take the shape of a lethal weapon.

“Why are you so puffed up ?”, asked Balthazar.

“Well you tell me , because for all that I know  ,I have been running for the previous half an hour and it feels like if I run for just another mile , my lungs are gonna pop open”, said Romero just as he flung his right hand into the mist of his silk soft , long hairs , and then right into his pocket .
“Romero Antonio D’souza “


“When in the name of god will you stop stating the obvious. And the next time you do that hair thing , I am gonna kill you”

“A- its french , and B – I will stop stating the obvious when you start telling me everything , because all that I get to know about you , is either from the newspaper or from the rumours that come out the staff room. So now tell me tthat where are we going?”

“You will see”

Just by the sound of it the two friends started walking the alley to alley , until they reached a blind one .

“Breaking news , the greatest and the noblest Balthazar steel , heir to the throne of the steel empire , got struck into a blind alley and was unable to confer the 11 feet high friction whilst his smart and absolutely stunning friend kept warning him.” , said Romero with the widest pinch of sarcasm on his face .

No path , is ever closed , no method is ever obsolete its just the lack of dimensions that keeps you from sliding through the loophole. Now stop with the non sense and climb up .”

“Great , first an athelete now a tresspasser , only if I stuck to your back for the next few years , I might become an outlaw or maybe a vigilante or something quite soon. I mean just the two of us , like I will be Batman and you will be Robin , or I will be Tony Stark and you will be Colonel Rhodes , or  maybe    I will be Dr. Jekyll and you will be Mr. Hyde you know”

Just as he said so , Balthazar interrupted “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were both the same person and definitely not vigilante”

“Nice deduction watson!”, exclaimed Romero with a sarcastic smile ringing all over his face .

With their conversation covering up the heaps and bounds of pace of time , they climbed up the wall to see a vast lake in front of them . Their were birds of a variety , white , and gold and brown and ivory . There was this meadodow that stretched wide accross this large tree that had god knows what in numbers of nests of sparrows . Just the sound of these beautiful and life awakening bedlam of chirpings took the breath and words out of Romero’s soul. 

“Where in the heavens am I , wait a minute , am I dead ? You killed me didn’t ya? Seriously what is this place ” said Romero , just as he took a step to hear the crackling noise of grass woven into each other just like sugar blends in water, sweat in the insides , neat on the outsides.

“This is my escape .”

“Escape , escape from what steel , from days I have been watching you , you wander like a nomad , you are shrunk like a snail , and this face , this face says that no matter how hard I try to make those lips break a smile but all I can see is a cold heart struck by the shivers of darkness.”, said Romero in a deep but soft voice to Balthazar .

“Well you are right my friend , darkness it is. And I have no other choice but to loose to it , and the worst part is knowing that I won’t find my way out , I keep trying , suffocating, in this darkness.” answered balthazar with a wink on his face.

Darkness is nothing but the absence of light. And if you can’t see through it , try to scream your way out , because there’s always more than one door to a dark room. And for all that’s otherwise , you need not to worry for if you are alone , cause I am here my friend , just here.”,and with a heartly laugh Romero finishes the last line as if a dialogue from a movie and the two of the best buddies settle down in the meadows among the sparrows under the banyan tree watching the sun set in the red , warm lap of summer.

“God , I love this”, said Romero just as Balthazar looked at him, like Antonio looks at Bassanio , and said “Me too!”.

Wait a minute , what do you mean by under a banyan tree? You said it was just a large tree, how could it be a banyan tree all of a sudden?

Well I said it was a large tree , banyan tree is a large tree.

 And sparrows don’t make nest on large windy tree , they make nest on a high , quite place.

Well then lets change the story.

Yeah , now you are talking.

Let’s say it was a quite-tall banyan tree



Nothin , I won’t even say anything, simply and totally nothing , your story your rules , just keep going.

So as I said the night broke down and just as apollo and helios raced to the surface of mighty gaia the youngest steel was already up , ready to join the race with a gentle jog around the steel mansion.

Just as he finished his daily routine , and entered the compound he realized that it was not some simple day that he could just walk into the mansion , and was supposed to move through the back door as the head steel was home after a long trip and was having his once in a month power nap. Thereby he entered through the back door , took a clean shower , did hid prayers and got down to the table for breakfast and just as he was moving down and before he could notice , out of nowhere Tifanny came running down from upstairs and hugged him , good morning so tight , that he almost lost his breath .

“Tiff I can’t breathe”

And hearing to that one , her face turned red and she flung her brother to the floor like a pile of junk.

“Huh! I am always so subtle and loving and caring , and then there are you , never appreciative. You don’t deserve to have love.”said Tifanny with her nose up high in the air .

“Tiffany , that’s not a way to talk ,to your baby brother “, said Mrs Steel.

“Well if this isn’t then what is  , specially when it is Balthazar Steel “, said a heavy voice from back . This was Stephen Steel.

“Manners are a thing , respect is thing . Forgive for my tone , but that’s no way to treat family”, said Mrs steel with a soothing voice.

“Manners , seriously , what does a kid who argues with his teacher know about manners . And family huh ? If you see his grades you can see for for yourself , how much family he is “

” It’s not my fault that the teachers don’t like my behaviour” replied Balthazar just as Stephen moved towards him but suddenly his phone starts ringing and he rushes away.

“Saved by the call “, said Tifanny.

“Don’t listen to her, he is proud of you , he just doesn’t admit it”, said his mother.

Walking out of the standing parade , Balthazer moved to the table and had his breakfast.

While moving out of the mansion one of the voices in the mansion shouted ,

“Master Steel! Call for you”

Balthazar was quite astonished , because he hardly gets calls except from Romero


“Balthazar is it you ?”

“Yes it’s me , and you are ?”

“I am speaking from the reception house of St. Maroon’s State Hospital”


“It’s about your friend Romero D’souza”

“Is he alright?”

“Mr. Balthazar , your friend……”

…………………..To be continued…………………


3 thoughts on “The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter 3-“Gears of Friction””

  1. Since last updates it talks about “steel that never bends”. Here it always reflects the Self respect or even its ego or something completely else


    1. First of all thank you for reading the blog and for your querries , it always brings me up.
      Now coming to your question ” A Steel never bends” is more of a figure of speech , an irony as you may understand because actually a steel does bend , and that is what makes it strong.
      Now these lines being a moral code for the family is because they are all very deprived of their will to be correct all the time that to them anything is possible if they stick to it for long enough , so here it shows their determination which might look negative in case of Balthazar , however , is still a mystery which might be unraveled in the future plot.
      Thank you.


  2. Each time I believe that this is your masterpiece. Your next update proves me wrong…. And thanku for the elaboration… #DieingToReadNext


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