The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-5-“Power of Steel”

Then?? What happened, did he jump? Did he give up ? How can he give up? Past , Hey Past , are you even listening ? Tell me what happened next.


“Well” What?

There’s a problem…

What problem???

Well the problem is , that I don’t know what happened later. Most of the stories here are incomplete. There are books, mend in graves , embarked in ciphered ink ,so entangled , that even after years of perseverance , I was unable to find their story.

Well, I can hardly surpass the pain of a untold story , I can hardly imagine your situation, stumbling among hundreds of lives , for thousands of years. Guess what , maybe I can help you with it.

You will?

Well I will try , maybe even I know a thing or two about stories. You know what they say, every story has two sides , so this is mine:-

The wind was steady, yet made thousands of noises , with every crest and trough. His feet was up high , the clock as if turning its dial to strange, Balthazar leaned forward to take the leap into the hollowness of his own conscience, but right at the moment when he was about to make the despicable call , , his eyes went over the tweating  noise that came over from a nearby nest. There was this small nest with two little sparrows in it . Two brown , and innocent infants , chirping to get something down their throat , to the bottom of their little bellies . Just by the time , the mother sparrow , comes flying over the day, and feeds the offsprings with the food in their tiny beaks. Balthazar is trembled. His sight of a journey , through the heart of Inferno was not alone anymore . The sacrifice he was about to make wasn’t his anymore. Just by the moment , his legs trembled and slipped by an inch , but , there was help! A supporting hand came rushing from a way and pulled him over. 

Balthazar scared for his life rushed back and jerked himself , right to the end of the wall . He just the glimpse of the unknown right through it. Being scared was ,but, an emotion , for what he felt was shame on what he was about to do.

“What were you thinking? Have you lost your mind? What was this Balthazar. How can you, of all ,be a coward? I am asking you something , look into my eyes and answer Balthazar Steel , I am talking to you , answer me.”

“Because I can’t take it anymore”, Balthazar screamed out loud as he broke into tears.

“I can’t take it Tifanny , I can’t……. Every time I pass through those trees it reminds me of the promises I made with Romero that I failed to keep, every time I walk past his house , it reminds me of those parents that lost their son , because I failed them , every time I walk past dad’s room it reminds me of the son I failed to be. But what hurts the most to me is the undying pain and guilt , that grows under my skin , every day , every minute , every second that reminds me that how I failed to be a STEEL . I failed sister, I failed every single time and I can’t live with it , and so I must take it away with me.”

“Take it away! Balthazar how easy it is to you to just say those words than do it. ‘Take it away ‘ ? What makes you think you can ‘Take it away’ , as much of an expression as it sounds , take it away from whom? The mother that brought you up ,among  all the danger and defame and friction , do you think she will let you go away . Do you think that I , after all the support and trust was put away from you , I  who still believed in you , cared for you , you think I will give up on you . Your life isn’t yours to give up on Balthazar , for you must keep fighting .” . Just saying these words , Tifanny let go of her anger as the air of loosing his little brother lightened on her forehead.

Then she moved forward , and leaned to Balthazar and said with a soft tone 

“If not for yourself , then atleast for us. It is okay to let the tears roll off your eyes and lighten your heart than to keep them in and kill every little ounce of life left in you. Believe in the better , believe in the Power of Steel”

 And with those few words , Tifanny went away wiping the tears off her face.

However the darkness still surrounded Balthazar as he shrinked at his place and started staring the rising moon as the picture in his fantasy took another leap. 

He started thinking of those very moment which were gripping his heart from the longer scale of time. He started thinking of those moments when he used to be a kid of six . The small kid with large and big blue eyes . Of how , he used to break everything that existed anywhere around him . When the whole family went ruffles over the small kid , how his father came to the rescue . Of how his father used to save his little blueberry , from everyone else by hiding him behind his legs. 

He started to remember those moments when he had tons to do and tons to study , and all the time he had was just a night . Of how at the moments when he felt totally miserable , his sister would come along the way  just at time to save the day. Of how just so that he could get some sleep , his sister would sacrifice hers .

He started thinking of those times , when by unfortunate  and ill times he would get sick and was not able to catch a sleep, his mother would comfort him , mesh his feet , ring his cloth and cuddle him to sleep.

He remembered those moments when he was mocked by every single staff that lay the institution’s academic foundation in the class and sent outside in the open to be baked by the sun , his friend would accompany him in every possible foliness and silliness.

Remembering just those times cracked Balthazar’s heart open and he cried over what he was about to do . He sat there all night thinking and rethinking of those very moments over and over again until , his soul wrenched with blood and fell for acceptance.

The sun rose to the height as much it should and the stars dissapeared as soon as they would. The morning was new , so was the wind but still was uneasy around those corners where Mrs Steels’ room was. Eyes dull and face wrinkled , as if the rose of summer found but winter everyday. While she kept starring out of the window , Balthazar asked Tifanny as he stood arm in arm outside her room starring at her mother.

“How long has she been this way , why doesn’t she eat ?”

“As I said Balthazar , the wounds might have been deep , but were wounds for us. To her , it was her name that turned meaningless , her whole pivot that got off the needle. While you were lost in your own hell , she was able to believe , there’s no way out for hers”

Listening to this Balthazar’s heart wrenched with sorrow. He went to her , sat infront of her and said.

“Mother , hey look its your son ”

However she still seemed to have lost his words.

“You can’t be this way the whole time ma. I know it is not understandable to me of what pain you feel . But for you must know , we care for you and you must come back.”

But no matter how much Balthazar tried , she was unresponsive.

Some people they meet you in an incident, and still are able to find their way to become the most blissful or the most dreadful accident of your life. The former was pretty much the case that was with Mrs. Steel . However there was yet one to come for Balthazar that had its own chances.

With a usual honk , the bell to the mansion rose. However , since it was evening Balthazar was around the house and coincidentally around the door. As soon as he opened the door , a large pile scented tulips rung over all around Balthazar’s face , as he fell , with a pile of it over him. However it seemed odd for a bunch of tulips to be so heavy , and it was , just as he removed a few of them from his face , he saw this face and to him the clock wasn’t just ticking , but bombing in motion. This face , it had everything you could describe for a sunny day in june’s summer.

She scrolled her short brown hairs back with a flick of her fingers.

“Well , hello I am Sophia Danvers , its nice to meet you…. ”

…………………..To be Continued………………..

 P.S.- No matter how fictious the story of Balthazar Steel is , there’s always a part of it connected to all of us. We all have a Tiffany Stell as a sister , who greets us with the hardmost competition , but with utmost care. We all have a Mrs. Steel in our lives , who always is acknowledged by the name of her family rather than her own , which as a matter of fact in this case is Samantha Steel  . But all we offer them is a day or two’s respect. A day might be enough to celebrate the birth of an intellectual or the death of a leader , but a day is not enough to celebrate the mother , the sister , and the women in your life. Of all the things I thank god everyday , I thank him first of the two mothers that I have and yes there’s two of them , because when your sister is 8 years older , she kinda gets a little bossy. However I must not continue for she must be reading every word and would definitely stick it down my throat , so to sum it up , just be gratefull you have someone you can look upon to see what you live for. Happy Mothers Day ! Thank you. 



7 thoughts on “The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-5-“Power of Steel””

  1. Every chapter leaves a question revolving in my skull and when it is unveiled the STORY transforms into EXPERIENCE


  2. Your story leaves a question revolving in my skull and when it is unveiled the STORY transforms into EXPERIENCE


  3. You are building a better mouse-trap,,,,it looks like like u are eager beaver towards ur story…It was like great walls of fire.I totally enjoyed reading…..


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