The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-6-“Chromium”

When I used to be the kid , like really small , the one that mostly hung in and around people’s arms, I was pretty observing. I mean not observing as in a scientist observing , but as in curious observing. 

I got it.

You got what?

That you were an idiot , now would you kindly pace up?

You are one mean tree, you know that!

You bet’cha.

As I was saying , I always wondered about the concept of colours. I mean how just a single stroke of a few bristtles can margin upon the dull canvas a figure of life , how can a dip in two different pots make a difference , how a sip of water can make things so smooth , and how just a blend into the spectra can devoid you of the need of a new colour. So blend I was in the colours that among all the time I was busy in the small silly ciphers , I forgot to find my way to the real question , and the question was that can a life be just the same , because if life was just an empty canvas for Balthazar , there must exist a painter with a masterpiece. Does it?

Balthazar tried to answer the greetings with a nice welcoming gesture and a wink but all that he could say was 

“Phise pho pheet pho”

“Oh I am sorry what!”

“I phaid phiz phisee phu pheeet pho phophia phanfers”

“Yeah just a second !”

Just by that line she took out the tulips stuffed in Balthazar’s throat.

“Thank you , now would you mind getting off me ?”, Said Balthazar ,with a sprinkle of wit.

“Oh I am so soooo sorry “,and she was back on her legs.

After collecting , and recollecting the bright and the jolly ones that nearly covered all of the floor , she stood up and handed it over to Balthazar , who finally was able to find a comfy table for the blossoms. 

“So here is the most beautiful girl and my favourite-most person .” , came ringing like a bell Tiffany in the utmost sophisticated and aristocratic tone she can acquire and wrung herself around the girl in the irony , while Balthazar kept observing. “Look at you , you have seriously changed so much since the last time we met . I must say that you might have lost all that shape but you still have the chubbyness on your face , and I must say it suits you. ” , and yet Balthazar was still watching. While Sophia instead of words , used her blossomed face and cherry like smile , welcoming the application.

“Balthazar don’t you recognize her?”, asked Tifanny and yet Balthazar kept watching like a bird. 

“We have met ” Sophia said as she forgot to add ‘ in an unfortunate series of unforgettable and shamful incidents ‘.

“However since I am the elder one , it would be better if I did the honours . So Balthazar this is Sophia Danvers , the only daughter of Mr. Norton Danvers and the rightful heir to the throne of the vast , ‘Danver Empire’.”

For if it were any other name or a connection or some business acquaintance , Balthazar wouldn’t have caught up to the limits of his forgetfulness , but just the two syllables in the name ‘Norton’ was enough to bring the respect and gratitude in Balthazar’s eyes. Norton Danvers as the world knew him was the leading business tycoon in the country , and the most generous person one would ever meet. However he wasn’t so lucky to have a whole line of generations to offer him the pride and prestige of better education and thereby earned his education by the scholarship , among which ‘ The Steels’ were the foremost donors. Norton never knew the meaning of family until he met Stephen. Stephen was not only his only friend from his childhood , but also the only family Norton had before Sophia and her mother. Nevertheless what value would be of a friend in need if he wasn’t a friend indeed and so with the death of Stephen , Norton took care of the Steel Empire as his own untill  Tifany learnt about the business , just as he promised Stephen . However for what Balthazar valued him the most was his constant support and a connecting nature , for even when Stephen was alive , most of the elderly talk Balthazar had was with Norton and after Stephen was gone , most of the livelihood tales off the childhood jukebox that he heard was from Norton , but what bonded the two the most was their situation , for both stood on the same side of the river where the only reason that they ever had to cross it was taken . Both of them had lost the most understanding friend they ever had and the pain was yet lost in some unknown fathoms , when the two of them were together. However , other than a few mentions and some dusty visits in way past , there were hardly some times that Balthazar had came over the mention of Sophia. Even though she just shifted to the city a month ago , Balthazar never got the chance to meet her.

“And this my dear Sophia is Balthazar , who unfortunately is the brother I had been dealing with from a long time “,hearing to which Sophia broke into a curve. “Come on in , we have a lot to talk about , and just with that short convo the girl in yelow , disappeared in the blue , however left balthazar grazing green in the utter red.

The next day as the morning broke into the red riding maroon , Balthazar couldn’t help himself thinking of the condition of her mother. Even though he tries so hard to get her to eat timely , talk or evenbreak a smal conversation , just to ease the pain , all that he ends up is leaving her in the redness of more and more realization that Stephen is never going to come back . However it was Tuesday , and the first day after the summer break to Balthazar’s sophomore year. He wasn’t so sure that he should be leaving home , not so because he was afraid to make the cut to the bigger chase and couldn’t take anymore guilt striken pity calls , but more because he wasn’t willing to leave his family in a situation as such . However Balthazar already had his attendance all crowded and so he must follow up the tryst. As usual Balthazar got up took his walk , more of a run to burn out as much adrenaline as he could, so that he doesn’t have any left to boast on others. He got to the mansion , had a heartful breakfast and after he was done , he thought of visiting his mother . He went up the door wanted to make a knock but stopped . He saw his mother sleeping . He went close to her and slowly exchanged her wet oillow with a new one , and kissed her goodbye. Sometimes its the moments that make us cry , sometimes its the people we love , but mostly its just us , thinking of the worst that could happen in our dreams and waking up and finding the reality is worse that breaks us. Maybe Balthazar had just an idea , but the wet pillow spoke a lot.

Just with the sound of it , Balthazar left for school in the car , however had a driver to drive him to the top . Just as he was in there reliving the moments of how his father escorted him to the very first day of his school , he remembers the way he had this goofy bottle wrung around his neck and this little hat that he wore , because Tifanny burnt his hair , using the hair dryer while using him as a doll. He was scared , but more like excited and only then his father said ,” Don’t beat up easy , girls love bald faces “. For if it were just his words Balthazar wouldn’t have bought it , but he actually trimmed his hair to support his son and yet found his name in the Forbes’ top ten.  And it was after that , little Balthazar said ” I don’t care dad , because no matter what , ‘ A Steel never bends ‘ ” and by that line the old man and the young kid , chuckled up like chocolate brown.

As his car went passing by the cemetery , Balthazar exclaimed , “Stop the car , Williams “, and the car haulted.

“How much time before I am late ?”,

“Doesn’t matter sir I believe family always comes first. For all I know , the car got punctured and I had to pull over”

“Thank you Williams , thank you ”

And by that greeting to Williams , Balthazar got down the car and went for his fathers cemetery . Finally when he found it , he knelled down to the epitaph that read in bold , ‘ A true husband , a loving father and an excellent person ‘ , for what it forgot to mention was how true were those words now , than they were then. Just as he was about to finish his prayers , he felt the need to bring it out and he did . 

“Hey dad ! I know its odd for you to expect someone as a son on such a beautiful day to spoil the fun (chuckles), but believe me I won’t take much time, It’s just that I miss you a lot. I know I never said it in person , I was never able to but , I loved you , you know. Maybe if you would ever spare some time from all the business god is having with you up their , kindly get a blessing or two to your son . I know how angry you would be knowing that how irresponsible for me to run late to school , but believe me father , the more pain it is for me to talk to you like this , it is way more for mother to endure not seing you everyday. “, finishing those lines , Balthazar took a tulip , out of his pocket , and kept it among the other wrinkled ones.

Maybe it’s often our expectations that inspire us for the situation to take a turn on the edge , and sometimes it’s the prayers we make to god . But many times I believe it’s the way we ignore that even the most hated person , shall have a few to love him . Maybe it was his prayers , maybe it was his expectations , but there was one person listening to it all.

The day at school was like no difference to Balthazar , the same winning and pity things that Balthazar feared , but among all what he hated the most was this feeling he had as a burden upon his shoulders of how everyone expected him to be retarded and hopeless. However he successfully crawled out of the day ad when he finally reached home he saw Tifanny coming to him in a swish full of haste.

“What happened , Balthazar asked inquisitively?”

“It’s mum, she …..”

“She what Tifanny , speak up… ?”


…………………………To be continued……………………


11 thoughts on “The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-6-“Chromium””

  1. “Sometimes its the moment……….breaks us.” was all in apple pie order..Reading ur story is never like an armchair critic.Its always like read the whole story and know something like the back of ur hand. Ur wordings weigh all the things in the balance…..


  2. Nice going Aurora! I was wondering – why Chromium? And also how many chapters are you planning for this story? The thing is for chapters, it is best to post as Pages rather than Posts (which go from recent to older). Since I hadnt read after Chapter 3 it was a bit of struggle to reach chapter 4, then 5 and then 6. Pages can be arranged in sequence like a book. Right now you may not have many readers but trust me there will come a time when you will have more readers and it will be difficult for them to read it in sequence if you continue in this format. Since you have posted just 6 chapters so far it is still not too difficult to switch over. But you may have to a little bit of WP research and perhaps change the theme. I am also posting a chapter-wise story – 140 chapters and counting (among other Posts) and if they were together it would have become messy and unreadable. You can have a look at my blog to see how it works. Just a thought!


    1. First of all a big thank you for your acknowledgement and suggestions , because I was getting a lot of complains about the same and so I will be splitting it up to part 2 from the next chapter , might as well call it an interval. Also I was not very sure but since the banyan stories are always a collection of many short ones , I was hoping 13 to 14 . For all you shall know its not me creating a suspense or something , I just am on a hectic schedule and all I get is an hour or so in a week or half to think and write , so will try my best to amuse you . Keep reading .

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I will surely once I cut some time off , and now I just noticed how just in the stream of my own agaony and pain I forgot to answer you question. Well I don’t want to be very nerdy of it , but steel get its sparkling lustre due to 0.5 to 0.9 % chromium metal alloyed to it depending upon the type of steel . So its like the only colour steel can get , and maybe in the turn of plots you might get to see that lustre in its peak glamour.

      Liked by 1 person

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