The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-7-“Worth it?”

This world is not just some small village as they say nowadays. Even the brightest of Appolo could never bring the dawn upon the whole world at once. But yet we believe it. Worth it ? 

The worship of the mightiest brings a change but not the uplift of the weak. Worth it?

If there is something that a man learns from the inquisitive nature of time , then it is that no matter how good a teacher curiosity be , no matter how good a nourisher nature is , a man shall face the the worst of the havocs from the latter, and the best of the emptyness from the former. But when you find out that there might exist no answer , would finding it be worth it ?

“What , c’mon speak uo , will you ? Where’s mum , why are you so plummed?” , asked Balthazar in an annoying haste that added a touch of temper to his syllables .

Before Tiffany could spell it out , Balthazar ran his way up to the summit , with three , four and as many leaps he could adhere at once . As he rushed the door open , he saw something that did tinker him with no letters but only a rush of emotions. He saw his mother smiling and cheering to the silly and subtle talks . 

“She just had her breakfast “, Tifanny exclaimed, ” she ate Balthazar, she did , and guess , who made her up! ”

And there she sat , with a goofy , sweet smile on her read cheeks, blossomed like the one day spring in the garden of eden. Only if Balthazar could soak in the the hapiness and satisfaction , then he could find the words to fit into his needs. How much did he wait for this moment , what didn’t he do , but finally saw the creak on dull moon , all because of this one girl. 

“C’mon in Balthazar , you know what ,we were just talking about you . Remeber that once when you were a little kid. Oh! you were the cutest of all , but yet never spoke off a straight tongue , always rude , just like your father. ” said Samantha as she turned back to Balthazar between her conversation with Sophia.

“Yes , I guess I was much like him “, and trying not to get the heart out of himself , Balthazar stopped and with an excuse went out of the room.

“You could have done it sooner you know , eased her of her pain . It’s not that hard.”, said Sophia to Balthazar as she stood besides him watching the sunset.

“Father used to say that a steel never bends . He had one tough conviction . Didn’t help him much though , he was able to find a good man out of him . Everytime I picture myself laughing and being just happy with my mother , my Father is that piece of puzzle that always chokes me up. I fear that the moment I bring his memories back I would loose both of them . My father was a steel. I am just a misfold . “, he answered.

“That’s the beauty of it Balthazar , we love those the most whom we never want to be with , and we try to be the most what we are better than. Maybe that’s why we need to find happiness to live it. Your mother is one tough women , never doubt her. And when it comes to steel , it’s not how firm or unbreakable you are that matters. It is the way you keep adapting the change , it’s the way you bend your way- in,  is what makes you stronger, because at the end of the day a steel does bend , and that’s what makes it stronger. ” 

“You have seriously got one hell of a philosophy up your sleeves”

“What can I say senior Balthazarrr I am justt too much intoo itt”, adds Sophia with a funny accent as Balthazar breaks into giggles.

“But no matter what you gave me a huge favour , and I don’t like to owe to anybody . So ask me , I genee Balthazaradeen grant you with a single wish to all your dreams”

“Well Mr. sophisticated and rude genee I wish you to escort me to my first day at school and show me around. ”

“Don’t tell me you are joining the “mets” ”

” “mets” , ewww , isn’t there any chance that they could get a change in their nickname ”

“Believe me , there’s a fair chance of them finding a change in the manual they came with that the nickname . They are all the same. ‘Metropolitan ‘, no matter how fancy they turn it into , they still can’t deny how nuts they are and the name is. There are like these insane droids. All of them wear the same , speak the same , walk the same , it’s like watching a zoo up close. ”
“Looks like you’ve got some real issues with the public school practice. Don’t worry I don’t like it either. We’ll call it a two sheep pack.”

And just in one tone or another the sun fell, the night broke and the stars fell upon the sky.

The next morning , Balthazar wake up with a very different colours in his thoughts. His heart felt lifted , and the mind felt calm. He stood on the balcony , like Jack Sparrow on the deck of the blackbeard and grazed into the distinct brightness to look upon the burning flames. His eyes might feel burning , bit his visions went clear , his mind might fell itchy , but his nerves severed because no matter what this new day brought upon his quest , he now believed ‘it was worth it’. ”

Just as Balthazar cuts his way out of the fussy crowd of two  , and opens up the door he saw that his day just got brighter. Just as he proceeded to it , he saw Sophia coming up . 

“Never late huh, is that too a steel thing ” asked Sophia as they decided to walk their way to the school.

“No ,  not that we don’t respect time , it’s just that we owe ourselves more than that “, and by every pun as such Balthazar would bring , the lady in the pink , would swell like daisy.

“Where are we going , because , the last time I checked , the hill top was this way.”, Asked Balthazar as she went into the cemetery.

“Just wanted to meet someone”, answered Sophia. 

To the irony one may intercept , to the the truth one may judge , but , everything in the doom of afterlife felt more alive. After covering a few steps , Sophia settled down near a grave of two and turned forwered the tulips with her.

“Who are they Sophia?”,asked Balthazar , pumped with curiosity.

“They are the ones , that I owe my life to. Someone who gave my life a meaning. Someone who taught me , that no matter you live or not , if it brings a smile to the faces of the one you love , it’s worth it…….”

…………………….To be continued………………….


4 thoughts on “The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-7-“Worth it?””

  1. The glamour and excitement in the story last long.Words which u use are always as bright as a button…..Sometimes it just bind me with science BT at the same moment its pleasure to read each part because ur stories “WORTH IT”…


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