The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-8-“Forgive me father for I have sinned..”

Hey Past!


There’s this one curious question , that has been bugging me .

I don’t think it’s gonna end well , yet , hit me!

Well you are an age old mystical tree right?

I had prefer experienced and knowledgeable , but go on.

Well all that I have heard in stories is about these trees who have very depressing voices , and they always start with ‘Once upon a time…’. 



Shut up!

Hey ! I wasn’t accusing , or anything but still if…

Only if and buts were candy and nuts , we’d have Christmas everyday. Now seal it up and tell the story , it’s already been long enough.

Fine , you don’t have to be naggy about it. So where was I , Sophia was with Balthazar at the hill top graveyard and just as she told him of how two graves were the ones she was in debt for.

“Who are they Sophia ?”,asked Balthazar with a deep graze but faint attention to his visions. 

“Just someone who cared for me , but I bilieve I am too late to make it up to them. ” answered Sophia  , with a tongue of lack in interest .”Come on lets go , its about time and I don’t want to miss it on my first day because you know I won’t like to tell everyone that the great Balthazar Steel was wimpy , and so I got late” said she turning the air around jolly.

“Well all you have to worry about is your high heels miss sugar ” , said Bathazar as he rushed by her sideways andstarted running uphill, “Meet you at the summit slow-phiya” .

“You …… ” and in a burst of a blue laugh , she joined the race up to the top, and both of them went running up the hill. 

On the other side of the time and space , Samantha looked quite dipped into some deep long lost food for thought. She was diving deeper and deeper with her all might but yet didn’t seem to have found an end. Just as she was busy in her thoughts , Tiffany interviened . 

“Mum , may I come in ?”

“Look at you , asking the question that you know I have no answer  to . You seriously think that this old lady would ever mind to have her daughter sit besides her . Come in .”

“I want to talk to you about something”

“Go on”

“Well it’s like someone I want to talk to you about, someone Balthazar seems to be intrigued with.”

“I see you have some serious lumps on your forehead , tell me dear what’s bothering you?”

“I was looking up the newspapers from eight to nine years ago, on account of this project I had , and I found this, ” and she takes a slip , a papercutting out of her purse and shows to her mother.

The heading in bold and curves stated of Norton Danvers’ car accident causing the death of two age olds and severe injury to the nine year old girl , assumed to be the daughter of Norton Steel. Reading the cutting Samantha’s etes widened , her face went scarlet and like fumes get descended her thoughts started clearing up with the course of time.

“This , where did you find it ?”

“It was the news bulletin in a local newspaper , however what astonishes me is how only did this news never scrapped off the legal desks , and even if it didn’t , why don’t we know about it?”

Coming back to the other side again the two todllers as they seemed the day , were quite up on fun with each other . Balthazar shows her the sections and walks her through the corrider , they mostly did a quick run and then dash on the corrider like small kids. He also gave her the tour of the basketball court where he tried to make a lay up but couldn’t even make it into the net , even by a dunk , because no kidding but he was no good at it. However Sophia was able to make it quite beautifully into the basket . Balthazar slave to his own habits breathes out and says 

“I just made it you know , must be a ball problem “, and as he turned around to walk away , Sophia , agile as an Amazon  rushes to the pole and gives it a perfect shot.

“Yeah you are right , there’s something wrong with the ball, it’s too spherical”and she bursts into laughter with her sarcasm.

Moving on Balthazar introduces her to the most hateful ‘Mrs Simmons’ 

“I see you have got a friend Mr. Steel . Does she too have the same illness as yours ?”

“Ahh, well lets call it a work in progress” answered Sophia as she walked away by her sides with a wink to Balthazar, leaving Miss Simmons in a mouthfull of grudge.

Finally the day ends Balthazar the gentlemen rather than escorting the lady is escorted by the lady to his house , because apparently his legs had a lifetime of basketball court. However anyhow he makes it to the house where the two of them walk up the aisle to the door.

“So I guess thisis me. ” ,said Balthazar

“Yeah well , I had a great day , I must say , you are seriously far more interesting than what it looks”

“Yeah well I call myself anti-boring “, says Balthazar stamping his feet on the ground in the moment , however feels immense pain in the next one.

“Wish to see you soon .. ” and with the departing words as Balthazar was to say the same she kissed him on his cheeks and with a waive she wishes a bye , however leaving Balthazar in an unknown dimension of mesmerizing moment.

Finally the master of the mansion finds the way to the doors handle and stumbles in.

With the sun all red yet about to be more Tiffany crashes to Balthazar’s attention 

“Balthazar I have a task for you”

“Don’t bother”

“Well apparently some yound girl called asking for you ”

Assuming the greatest probability to be true he turns all tomato and jumps up

“Who , what , when , why…”

“She said she wanted offer you something ”

“Something what???””

“I don’t know ,  can’t remember it clearly… ”

Understanding her reference , he asked

“What task?? Sister dearest”

“Well there is this church I go to every friday , however I have some errands to this moment , so I want you to have my place for one day ”

“You know I don’t do this stuff right?”

“It’s just a candle ”


“Okk well thank you”, and she started walking away.

“Hey , what about the call .. ?”

” Oh yes”, she say without turning “it was some girl from a call center offerinf discount coupons , if you wish , its on the redial” , and walks away , with her face all lit up by the thought of soiled expectations of the other one , and that was qite real.

However motto or promise , a steel never bends , he picked himself up the trauma and went for the church. With nothing much to do around. He did the usual one , however not very well. The church was mostly empty which was quite contrary to the day . He was stumbling around untill he saw this cabinet . It was more like a box , a confession box . He always read about it , of existence of god on the othr side. Out of curiosity , he took it quite literally and went the other side finding almighty. Getting into the box he sat down , however to his nightmare the door closed and he got locked. Trying to escape , he tried everything but suddenly the grills got shadowed and the darkness covered with an innocent face . Before Balthazar would say anything, she said

“Good evening father , I guess you weren’t expecting me today” ,as she said the voice rung a bell in his ears. It was Sophia. Maybe the virtue of the moment , maybe the intense gravity of the moment , was something that possessed him to settle down and blend in.

“Well I won’t go one ranting all boring stuff like always , I have something good this time. Its this boy I met. His name is Balthazar. ” And smile creaked upon the old devil’s face wearing the gown of chapel.

“He is different. Doesn’t believe in god though . But he is something familiar , something that seems so new , yet feels very native , someone more like a soul wrencher.”, and the devil goes nuts , however misses the grammar of the last line.

“Today I took him to the grave , thought I would tell him , but I failed to do it . Just the thought of sharing the pain might give us the luxury of relief , but what it takes away from us is the soleness of the very pain that’s ours and only ours. I couldn’t bear the load of the pain , and so I am here to find peace , ‘again’ , so I am gonna start as I always do .Forgive me father for I have sinned , for the mistakes that were no mistakes if I say so , but the misconception of the fate , and the blunders in my soul. The dark night I still remember. I was nine , and it was my birthday. My Granny and I had a fight , andso Granna was sad about it . He took us to the beach , he brought me a cake , with the little pink candles. He bought me heart shaped chocolate. But I cared for none. Then when we were moving back , my anger went in furies. Granny lost patience and shouted over  . To the fury I lost my even better half and jumped over her , however ended up shaking the wheels. We were on a bridge. The car lost its balance and , my grandparents their lives . I still live the day every time I see their graves. Some would say I am not over it . But how can a sinner be over his sins. What if I don’t want to be over it. What if I wish to embrace their memories , closest I can to my aching heart , and never let them go” , maybe the moment was too naive , but even the metal has its limitations. Their wasn’t one soul burning in guilt to seek redemption , there were two of them . Without saying a word the sinister went away , however the devil  wasn’t able to find enough will or enough reasons to leave the grief their.However the door opened and the dazzled man in white asked the question in the name of christ
“What are you doing here my child ?”

“Seeking forgiveness”

“Doesn’t that requires you on the other side?”

“Well it’s forgiveness for not what I have done father , but for what I am about to do…….”

………………………To be continued………………


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