The Banyan-Story-1-Chapter-9-“I see you”

The wind kept humming , but he didn’t move , the sun kept setting but he didn’t flick , the window was open right infront of him but the view was much different as reflected from his deep blue eyes. Such deep thoughts ,yet nowhere to run , nowhere to hide from what’s inevitable. To cure a broken wing of a red old sparrow was yet possible , but to cure a broken petal of a young tulip was still an entangled issue for Balthazar. 
“What’s the matter master steel , you seem to have built something of a climate around you. I didn’t want to disturb you but you missed the lunch already and it’s already time past dinner . With the mistresses out of the town if you are going to be such lazy on your appetite , I sure would loose my job.” , said Betty the maid of the mansion.

“You have been here from before I was born Betty if someone’s gonna get fired , my money is on myself.”, answered Balthazar in a fake tone of his own.

“Jokes apart master , I have been watching you from a long time and its not that much of a delight to watch the happiest face in the most drastic hue. Its like there is some face , some words that keep crushing you . I am not at all to be called the family for sure , but for if I can be any help do let it out.”

“There’s this girl….”as Balthazar said , Betty cuts in.

“Oh!there always is”

“No,no,no,no,noo not in that way its totally plutonic.”

“Oh , isn’t it always plutonic”.

“It’s about a friend of mine who’s friend , which happens to be a girl is having trouble”

“A friend I see!”(giggles)

“Okk tell me this if a person is in pain  , and in terrible pain and you know it but the other one doesn’t want you to know , and if the other one , everytime when meeting you picks up a smile on the face then what should the person do.”

“Well it depends does the person care about the other person?”

“”I think so!”

“You think so ???”

“Yes the person cares about the other person”

“Well then that person should talk to the other person , bring all of her pain out , help her realize that no matter how great the pain is , it must not be held on to , rather it should be embraced and let out because you see pain demands to be felt .”

“You really think that’s the best idea?”

“I know a thing or two about it , and I wish this one works for you , by the way you really like this girl”

“Yeah I do,.. wait no what girl , there’s no girl , … It’s totally completely plutonic ……….”  and before he could end his growling Betty walked out of the door silently with a smile on her face . 

The next day at school right under the Banyan tree was Sophia , ….

Wait , wait , wait a Banyan tree you say?

Well it’s the last chapter dude , I might as well include the half writer you see.

Well so how is this tree , tall , bushy , handsome??

Past. How can a tree be possibly handsome?

Well you don’t have to be peculiar about it .

Okk then tell me how do you want a tree?

Only that you beg to ask , well the tree should be brobdingnagian, it should be this enormous bushy but firm yet fluffy green tree in its hundred and forties ya know . It should have this dark brown barks but lighter shades for branches and upper leaf style like an Amsterdam you see… And..

Oh past you are such a girl.

Me oh no no no me nah I was just having fun I mean what kind of tree is so choosy with its leaves .

Well then shall I.

Yes , not like you get to be anywhere in the story. 


Fine continue with the story

Thank you . So , Sophia here was sitting under a nice , ‘handsome Banyan tree’ with her eyes gazing upon the grooves between the signatures of a hard bind book like hallows on the surface of gaia ., When suddenly a shadow covers up the sun she kept feeling up her head.

“May I join you ‘misstress of death and the tales of blood haven by Martha Buffay”

“You may Master Steel ”

“Haha very funny , don’t say that ever again.”

“Why everyone calls you Master Steel , why not me”

“Well cause there’s enough people calling me Master Steel and I already hate it enough”

“Hmm Well I would love if people called me princess you know. I would wake up in the morning and as soon as i drop my feet to the ground there’s someone who slips a pair of sandals into my feet . ..”

“Hey , hey wait up Cinderella , it’s not like that .” Killing the mood with sarcasm Balthazar just as soon realizes he’s in trouble starts running for his life

“Hey, maybe we can edit the part with the Cinderella , you know lets say there’s a 50 50 chance”says Balthazar with his heart pounding as he keeps running.

“50??? Oh I tell you there’s 100 peecent chance that I kill you today”

“Okk now I think that the horror books are having some bad effect on your health”

“My health , run for your life Balthazar Steel cause I ain’t gonna stop untill I bring that tongue out of your mouth”

“Okk let’s just say you become a princess one day , this is no etiquette for a princess”

“Oh you come in my hands Balthazar I will tell you what etiquettes I got”

And in such a way they kept running untill both of the finally felt their lungs in their mouths.

Finally they found themselves at the rooftop with the set setting its brows to bow infrint of the majestic forests that lay a surface of hills and greenery infront of them. 

“When I was 5 my granny would dress me up like a princess , she would give me a tiara and a sceptre of my own and I would dance all around the house”, and just speaking of that sophia mumbled and almost broke into tears.

Balthazar moved forward , held her in her arms and embraced her sorrows as his own.

“We all miss them Sophia family or friend , someone we love , others we hate , we never realize how important they are , but only when they are far away , far enough for us to forget the spark in their eyes and warmth of their heart , only then we realize how incomplete we are without them . But life’s not gonna stop running its wheels. They may be gone but its us who live today in their name , and we must live on , so that their memories never fade away with us in oblivion. ” With a heavy tone and an even heavier heart Balthazar lets his arms open to wash tears off the flower girl .

The next morning was brighter , the wind was softer and the tress were greener . As soon as Balthazar enters the school he notices a difference in the aura of the fauna. He sees those lockers where Romero would lie about his tales of valour to a bunch of girls of the junior year. He sees those water fountains which he would turn on over Romero so that when he enters the classroom he is all wet yet has no reasons. He sees those corridors where both of them would rush just as soon as the recess bell rings to race to the car to get to the front seat. And then he sees the sweet chery face of the flower girl and all of those memories fade away in the past .And with a gust of wind rising up his mind he murmurs to himself “A steel does bend”.

 Because that is what life is all about at the end. To bloom in the present and rush into the future , because no matter if its going to be easy or harsh , you would have made great memories untill then to live on , to thrive on.

***************End of Story **************

P.s.- Well I know it’s been too long for this chapter , well I must say it has been hell of a month for me , and I might even tell you about it , but let’s save that story for some other time . By the way the important thing is that I will be starting an all new action – adventure thriller “Arthur” from next week and yes guys I am super excited about it too. So there will be a break to Banyan stories untill then and I will be giving a glimpse to the title cover with this post , so nothing fancy yet I made it so do tell your views about it and as they say it . Adios!


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