A new era begins………

Eons, O eons! Do speak to me.

Where in cosmos or heavens or in deep sea,

Can I find a World, that I desire.

Stand on diamonds, look up to sapphire.

To the tree I shall reckon, and call the spring.

The birds I shall summon, to dance, to sing.

The river so pure, that I can see the bottom.

The land so green, that I can smell the blossom.

The violets, the beige, azure, cyana,

The colours of the universe, to land the fauna.

The point where exists no rule, no amends,

I found the answer, in some twists and bends.

Aurora’s no dreamland, it’s where my world begins.


One thought on “Aurora”

  1. DREAMS become Beautiful, if they are moulded in such blithsome Manner…. This blog is living several dreams together….. Just get going….


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Where the world begins

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